What percentage of hands do you loose in BlackJack?


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Oct 13, 2003
... was just wondering.. I know what you expect to loose playing optimal strategy, but I don't know what percentage of actual hands you expect to loose in blackjack as it is played at eg. microgaming and bossmedia playing optimal strategy....



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Oct 27, 2003
I'm no mathematician but I guess the precise answer varies according to the software rules you are playing, but that variation is negligible.

I play Atlantic City at MG, the approximate expectations on each hand are, a win 43% , push 9% and lose 48%. If pushes are ignored then you expect to win about 47.5% of the hands decided and lose 52.5%. Therefore in any 100 hands you should lose 5 on average or 5%.

I believe you would do marginally better at BM because for a start you can double 'soft' hands.
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Jan 21, 2004
According to the Wizard of Odds,
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Probability of net win = 43.31%
Probability of tie = 8.80%
Probability of net loss = 47.89%
This is for standard AC rules.

My statistics are
Probability of net win = 43.6%
Probability of tie = 8.6%
Probability of net loss = 47.8%.


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Oct 17, 2004
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To answer the question - "Pretty much all of them" ;)

I have no luck whatsoever playing Blackjack these days, even following basic strategy. It's a game I much prefer to play in person and find it a bit boring online.

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