What online casino did the "collectors" work for?

Here is the artitcle since i know it will only be up for a day FULTON COUNTY

Case turns scrutiny on online gambling

Federal prosecutors in Atlanta on Monday charged two men with interstate travel and collection of an unlawful debt for allegedly ordering a man to meet them to settle a $24,800 gambling debt. Michael Paul Glorioso, 40, of Altamonte Springs, Fla., and Daniel E. Corrar, 35, of Brooklyn, N.Y., appeared before a federal magistrate in Albany on Monday and were released on bond. They were named in a criminal complaint filed in Atlanta based on information from an unnamed witness who gambled over the Internet. The witness racked up losses on a telephone gambling service for sports events. Glorioso and Corrar were arrested in Valdosta, where they allegedly told the witness to meet them and settle the debt, authorities said.
Totally off topic but i see you're from Australia glodge, when i was there i loved VB and when i came back i found "Foster Bitter" in a green can, i figured its the same? It seems to be, do you know??? That and the blue oil can fosters are the only two so called aussie beers here in the states
Yes rather straying from the topic, but seeing Bryan is a BIG beer fan hopefully he wont worry this time ;)

No idea about the fosters bitter, Fosters however out here ( the blue can ) is reffered to as " horse piss " not liked by too many aussies.

If you can try getting hold of a bottle of " Crown Larger ", that's a mighty fine drop. Not dry & the bite of VB, but a very nice rounded Beer. It is exported, so I'm asuming it should be available in the States.

I do however also like your Beer, " Miller " however at around $20AUD for a six pack, ( $5.50AUD a bottle in a club ) it's something I don't drink all the time.


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