What on Earth screenshots

Sorry I don't have any screenshots but did have a few hits > $5 this morning.
Nothing hit for quite awhile.. but then got the scatters 4 times in a short period (blue rockets once, then the red rockets several times at different wager amounts). First one, got 100X multiplier for around $100 (can't remember exact amount), then a couple in the $50-75 range. And also got quite a few regular hits for $10 - 20 when playing between the 1cent and 5cent per line games.
What on Earth... Were they thinking when they brought this one.
What on Earth... Was I thinking to keep playing.
What on Earth... Happened to my bank roll.
It's a tough one alright! I played it for quite awhile and my balance kept dropping until I got a good bonus round for $90.00, and after that I went back to some of my other favorite games. Actually, I was quite let down that the bonus didn't offer 10 or 15 free spins with a multiplier which are the kind that I prefer.
lol @ what on earth

Well, the bonus feature seems to allow some quite big wins... Lol it was quite funny: First I got the 4 red rockets, and entered the bonus game. I chose the ship farthest on the left. It beamed up the "contest" box... All ships started then beaming stuff up, and my ship got one bloke up, for 4500 units... Finally I beamed up another 4500 units, a policeman this time. The other ships couldn't even compete with me... they all were left at under 1000 units. So I won the contest with a total of 9000 units. As a price I got that sum x 0,05 coin size + the scatter win for the 4 red rockets = payout 508,75 USD with a 2,25 bet :D
Too bad I didn't take a screenshot of the bonus feature, the policeman was quite hilarious.

No luck at all at this game. Played $50 each at two casinos, wagering up to 72 cents/spin (mostly 54 cents and less) and got one bonus round for $9. Highest other win was $2.
Good job Caliban. I think we'll be seeing some screenshots with some rather large bonus wins in the future from this game. It doesn't come around very often at all, but it seems that it can be worth the wait sometimes. My bonus round of $90.00 came in on a mere 45 cent wager, and like you, it was in the contest bonus.
I played "for fun" and got the 100x pull on the first bonus round but after that nothing happened for some 500 spins or so. Its ok, but give me a free-spins slot anytime.

On another note, i quite enjoyed the Off The Hook slot - dont normally do 3-reelers but it gave me about 4 or 5 $600 wins (in fun mode!) over an hour or so. Thing that makes me suspicious of this slot though is that beneath every "strawberry" symbol there's the jackpot "fish" symbol. Must have hit 20 or 30 3x strawberries, and a big fat zero 3x fish symbols - which means its obviously not random.

But then i guess its the same with all slots wherever you are. Just wish they'd make it less obvious :rolleyes:

I'm starting to think the slots "ideas pot" is running low now - not just at MG but everywhere. Every time there's a new release they get you all excited and 9 times out of 10 they turn out to fall below expectations. "Tomb Raider" kinda worked but thats the only one in recent times...maybe "Ladies Night" too to an extent, but underneath it was just a re-hashed T'struck clone. The new "pub" slot at 32Red Flash casino turned out ok too actually - compared to the oh-so-unrandom Crypto pub slots anyway.

To get the slots world excited its gonna have to either a) top the original Thunderstruck (and that means more than 15 spins at 3x or greater) or b) introduce an interactive element of skill to get the player involved and feel like they're making a difference to the outcome. Can't see anything else that would really grab the imagination now IMHO.

But you never know eh... :D
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I've actually had pretty good luck with this game. The first day it launched, I'd hit 18000 coins (though I didn't get the screenshot). Today, I caught 9000 coins--I did get the screenshot, however, I can't seem to upload it--it's too large.

Any suggestions for me to upload the screenshot?
Cut and paste it into 'Paint'
Click on 'Image', then 'Stretch/skew'
Reduce size to about 70% in both axis.
Make sure it's less than 640x480 & < 100Kb.
Then 'File', 'Save as' and select 'JPEG' from the pull down menu.

PS: I tried this slot in play-mode too - and agree it's total pants!
Took forever to get a bonus round, then it was garbage.
I was kinda hoping there would be at least the image of a bit of skill involved in the 'beaming up' feature, but no - same old pre-determined crap. :(
I'm with Simmo - it's about time we had something more interesting - with GENUINE skill preferably! ;) ;)
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First post ever here...
I was just trying out this new one at 7sultans, on the third spin this happened:
Xanto said:

First post ever here...
I was just trying out this new one at 7sultans, on the third spin this happened:

LOL - i was thinking "how on earth (sic) did 3 oranges win that much!". Didnt realise the porthole symbol was wild. Nice hit :)
Xanto said:

First post ever here...
I was just trying out this new one at 7sultans, on the third spin this happened:

Great hit! You've got balls of steel to bet $22.50 per spin on that game, but right place, right time, I guess. Nice one! :thumbsup:
I've also hit the bonus rounds pretty good.

Hit the 400X for $900 on a $2.25 spin and also the 200X for $450 on a $2.25 spin within about 30 minutes of each other.

Unfortunately I don't have the screenshots.
peralis said:
Shouldn't this have triggered the bonus feature?
No. As if this slot doesn't suck enough already - the scatters have to be adjacent!

What makes it even more infuriating is it still makes the little 'chime' when the last one drops in, so you THINK you've got the feature...! :icon_evil
back to topic, i can't complain about the new Slot What on Earth :)

deposited $132 at 32Red for the Monthly Bonus and played with $22.50 WoE. Got the Scatter Bonus after 8-10 Spins and my Alien got the Girl x200 for $4500 win. i have no screen unfortunately
Well, so far I've hit the bonus 3 times - 2 for a measly 5x, but one for 80x.

Still, I'd have to agree that this is the most boring of the five-reel slots I've seen in recent memory.

Cool idea. Poor implementation, lacks excitement.

edit -> OK, now i've hit the Destination Bonus twice, for 30x and 40x. Followed by 3x (sheesh!) then 80x with 4 red rocket scatters on adjacent reels.

Finally followed up with 15x, followed by an entry into the Beam 'Em Up contest (which doesn't even explain what to do, if at all) and got a measly 675 credits (15x equivalent).

Still think it's boring, but at least I'm seeing some activity now.

Finished up with 241 spins without a bonus. Very disappointing, especially after a few periods of well over 100 spins without bonuses.
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spearmaster said:
Finally followed up with 15x, followed by an entry into the Beam 'Em Up contest (which doesn't even explain what to do, if at all) and got a measly 675 credits (15x equivalent).
The one time I tried the game I got the "Beam 'Em Up" contest and also didn't have a clue what to do. I kept trying to zap aliens and thought I'd done really well for a big payout, only to find I'd come fourth in the contest and won about $10. I still don't know if I could have done anything differently, or if it was just a pre-determined feature :confused:

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