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Aug 6, 2006
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Hello all

I have been reading around the forum and getting ALOT of great information. Its a shame there are not more groups like this to protect those online.
Anyways, I am new to casino bonus hunting and so far I have been doing well. (or at least i think so lol).
Here is what i have so far:
William Hill - deposited 80 bonus 80 cashedout 268
Intercasino - deposited 100 bonus 100 cashedout 306.50

BTW - I would recommend Intercasino to anyone as a first online casino experience! Would have stayed away from will hill if I had known about their customer service before i deposited. (Luckily I had no problems and cash out appeared in a day)

I normally play $1 to $3 hands of blackjack and let em ride (if i build up a bankroll - hit a full house on intercasino woot!!). I have been using wizard of odds as my guide and help.

So I was wondering where I should go next?

I like Microgaming software but some of their WRs seem to be really high. 15- 20 is acceptable for me.

Thanks for all help and hope to post more in the future. :D

Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

Unfortunately there aren't too many more Crypto's worth looking at, and Playtechs & RTG's are a bit of a mine-field (only join recommended ones) - so your next best step probably is MG.
32Red are worth a look due to their monthly bonus - but their WR's are on the steep side (due to them allowing most games to be played).
Of the other MG's, not many allow BJ to count 100% in WR, and I don't know about Let-em-Ride.
What other games are you interested in playing?
What do you suggest?

I personally perfer table card games. Slots are ok, but rather not try to bonus chase with those. Thanks for your reply and any suggestions. (I am having fun and making money, not really hardcore on it so any suggest is great) :thumbsup:

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