What is your least played MG slot?


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Apr 8, 2006
What are the slots on MG that you rarely play, never play and why?
When I switch between the different slots, I notice that there are quite a few I just don't play at all, or bypass in favour of the ones I feel more familiar with.

Here are my least played 3

1/ Good to go - I think I played this a couple of times, just something about this one I do not like, the superhold is good, but this is no secret admirer!

2/ Reel Strike - In my opinion, this is the worst MG video slot EVER! Everything about it is awful.

3/ Elementals - Another one I always seem to bypass, no idea why, didnt even realise it had a free spin, might give it a shot later!

I never play any of the Fixed Coin size $1 slots. Three bucks a spin is too much. If I can't play a slot for a quarter, it is not worth it. The $3 spins sure don't seem 12X as fun as the 25 cent spins.
I guess as a general rule (though i do very occasionally wander for variation), if it doesn't have Free Spins at at least 3x, I don't play it :) The only non-Free-Spins slot I'd revisit, the odd progressive aside, is "What On Earth". I get frustrated with the "coin denomination" slots quickly, but I think I've documented that one enough :D
I used not to play Elementals, Cabin Fever and Munchkins, but they have been quite good to me lately.
I absolutely don't play those 3 reels slots with bonus (Bulls Eye & company) because I find they are just money suckers, 3euro/$ a spin is too much for me.
I give sometimes a spin to some progressive with high bet, but I am a low-roller, so max I play is a 2.50 x spin slot, and only when I am over 100 euro.
I don't play the classic 3reel 1 line slots. I just find the others so much more entertaining. Except for maybe, High 5. A $937 win on that one started a $30,000 winning night for me once. So yeah, I guess I like that one:)
I never play the 3 reel slots. Very similar to others with regards to mostly playing slots that have the free spin and multiplier features. I will sometimes play the Golden Goose slots, but I quickly lose patience with the lame egg laying goose feature. Have played Elementals but only minimal luck there. I hardly ever play the straight $2.25 slots such as Reel Thunder, Big Top, 5 Reel Drive, etc as they eat up my bankroll to quick. I might throw a little on a progressive here and there such as Fruit Fiesta, but the bet on the progressives such as Treasure Nile is way to rich for my blood. :D
I never play the one line or 3 line slots and rarely the slot games that the min. bet is .25 a line .

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