What is Your Casino Grape-o-Meter Rating?


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Nov 12, 2006

After hundreds of thousands of threads and billions of words I don't believe this slant has been addressed as a barometer to the quality and integerity of online Casino sites.
With guarded admission as a retail sales manager I closed over 5,000 retail deals with a handshake and a full tank of gas. To this day it's still a mystery why the happiest clients provided us the largest profits. We had a word for these people "Grapes". Unaware they were refered to as grapes, the Cardonay or Reisling family, having a firm grip on their steering wheel among others slurs. The deal was described as having touched all the bases, a home run, out of the park, Cinderalla story to name a few.
That distinction often resulted in pampering or special attention being paid to them down the road. however the top producers in that industry treated all previous or potential clients in that manner. Meanwhile the more dubious (beater lots) showed a distinct variation based on the commission having been made. The commission amount determined the buyers social rating and future treatment ranging from royality to scum bag.

My recent dealings with one online gaming site reminded me of those days and the distinction between a quality organization and one run by swines so consumed with greed and profitability it was embarashing.

Sure they are in entertainment business, deserve to earn a profit and some are more gifted actors of goodwill but If the treatment remains consistant you are probably playing at a quality casino.
Conversely casinos to watch out for can't help from tipping their hand or revealing a tell so to speak. If they precieve you as a minor player or rate you unworthy of high roller perks look closely. Do you may notice the indifference service or lack of quality treatment? These are the real sleezeballs.
Even worse if you are treated like a king or are getting your ass kissed so much even your can sense it's BS I'm sorry for you. You're either been targeted as ripe for the picking or already have been plucked. Do those jerks deserve your business?
Don't become a grape. Pick your sites carefully and deal with people deserving of your business or you may be the one whinning.


From what I gather.....I could be wrong though

He may be referring to grapes that are ripe for the picking to make wine. From what I can tell ...it means that the casino is the vineyard and the gamblers are the grapes or vise versa LOL

It's easier to figure this out in my head than to write it down here

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