What is wrong with Cherry Casinos cs?


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May 14, 2012
Hi everyone,I have been a long time reader of this forum,but never posted until now.
I have been playing slots and poker for many years on many sites,and even if customer service have been better some places then others im pretty happy with the support overall.

Well that was until my experience with cherry casino,I will not bother you with each detail,but over the many months I have been a customer there its the same story when it comes to their cs,so they can not blame it on temporary problems.It all started when I was sending them the KYC documents,when I was asking for updates maybe they answered 1 of 3 mails I was sending them,after over a week I had to go the betsson live chat and was lucky enough that the staff their could log in to cherry and tell me that my docs was approved,same story with other issuses.

Well anyway this was many months ago,so I wanted to play their again recently and I need some help with something,well you guessed it,they dont bother responding to my mails,I know they are getting them because I get the automatic answer that they got it and will be in touch.

I dont understand this,I have been a good customer,reviews of them brags of their top notch support..bye bye cherry,shame cos anything else about you is great.


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Jul 18, 2011
Yeah I agree their (lack of) support is horrible.

What happened to me was I made a deposit, got the bonus, but then wasn't able to play any game. I constantly got an error message. But the weird thing was I was able to play the practice games. So I contacted support (which they advertise responds within 30 minutes) and was left hanging for over 3 days. I contacted Betsson live support, cause Cherry Casino has none, and they told me they were looking into it. In other words they had no clue either. They're great though, had a good laugh when I asked him if their technical support was based in Taiwan or something, he told me they might very well be..

When I finally was able to play the games, no sure how many more days later, my deposit + bonus lasted only a couple minutes. This always happens to me, no matter which brand, when I have had some sort of problem keeping me from playing, usually not getting the bonus, in some weird magical way I make the money disappear.
I think this was the last casino I played at.. So I kinda have be thankful to them for giving me the final blow.