What is the quickest you have ever been paid?


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Feb 26, 2005
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There is a lot of discussion about slow payments but how quickly have you ever been paid by a casino?

Late last night (Saturday) I was playing at Piggs Peak casino when I had a run of luck on the slots. I withdrew a good portion of it and played with the balance. I assumed they would process the payment on Monday and it would be in my account Tuesday or Wednesday.

:eek2: I nearly fell over when I saw that the amount was in my bank account and withdrawable early this morning. A turn around time of about 8 hours and over a weekend.

I am so impressed I have gone against my own idea of not naming casinos.:thumbsup:

So, spill! What is the fastest you have been paid?
Wow! really fast for the Palace Group. I've been playing Piggs and Mummy's for years and got used to receiving my withdrawals within hours (usually within 3 hr, but no longer than 24). When they merged with Palace Group I could cash out on a Wed. night and still not received my withdrawal to NETeller until Monday.

Hopefully, their 24 hour 'hold', plus additional time for processing, plus not processing on weekends has changed. I may begin playing there more again, if so.

It would be nice if Darran (Palace rep) could confirm that this is a change in policy. He usually checks the board frequently, but I'll send a PM, just in case.

Thank you for posting.

P.S. --- I think the quickest withdrawals I've ever received were from Global Player and from INetBet -- both within 30 minutes to NETeller. Most withdrawals from these casinos are within 6 hours, never longer than 12 hours.
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I had a really quick qithdrawal from Palace last week too. I didn't expect to see it for a few days because they had been slow over the weekends before, but they really surprised me.
I've had 20 seconds before via Neteller :D

On the bank account though, in the UK the banking system doesn't work over weekends. The best you can hope for is a Monday following a Saturday cashout.

So my sleuthing leads me to believe that you *may* be playing "Piggs Peak" (.co.sz) in S.A and not the "Piggs" (.com) brand that Palace Group own ??
Fastest Payouts !

#1 Casino Extreme...Instant, One Minute Or Less

#2 Bodog...One Hour Or Less

#3 Club World...Five Hours Or Less

#4 Fortune Lounge...Eight Hours Or Less

A Big :thumbsup: To All Of The Above Casinos...:cool:

P.S. These were all Neteller Withdrawals
Mine would be/were...

1) Casino Extreme.... 2 minutes
2) Bet365............... 16 minutes
3) iNetBet............... 4-8 hours

Sadly, Bet365 has left me and my kickass VIP level in the dUSt. :oops:
I cashed out at Inetbet one morn at about 4 am and it was in my click2pay about a half hour later. I think it was a timing thing as they always payout for me overnight .
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