what is the name of this poker game


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Can someone tell me the name of this poker game , is it called 'hold'em' etc....

The game goes like this :-
2 cards are first dealt to the players, one card facing upwards and one card facing downwards. The one with the highest card call the bets and the rest of the players can increase the bets if they want.

The third card is dealt to the players and the highest card call the biddings .... etc etc,

After the fifth cards are dealt, and after the biddings, the person with the highest ratings take the pool of money.


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Ahh, I feel like an idiot. I thought it was only dealing with three cards - read the posting too fast .So here I was with my Hoyle's Encyclopedia looking up three card poker games and then said the hell with it and asked pokeraddict :D

Thanks dude!


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That game is 5 card stud.

Here is the Wiki with the rules:

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Thanks a lot pokeraddict and Casinomeister for the replies. I have never played any online poker before and I am very keen to start. I live in Singapore and many years ago I always played "5 card stud" with my friends and this is a very popular game with the chinese in the far-east. Locally we call this game "pair".



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5 and 7 card stud use to be very popular games. Then Texas Hold'em came on the screen big time. Stud has all but disappeared.


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In Asia, it is also called showhand and it was once very popular. It was rumoured that many bet against each other with their entire fortunes playing this game. It was also a popular them for movies eg "God of Gamblers' starring Chow Yun-fatt who is now in Hollywood. It's less popular now and Asiansespecially Chinese are more hooked to Baccarat. You will notice by the vast number of Baccarat tables at Macau with stakes as high as USD$250K for a single hand.


I don't even know where 5 card stud is played online. The old Paradise Poker had it but few ever played and then they joined Boss. Maybe there are some non US rooms I've never played at that offer it.