What is the best poker sites.


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Sep 1, 2004
I never played online poker or basically not much poker at all.
What is a good poker place for the beginner and a reputable site.
Thanks Kok
Virtually all of the poker rooms are reputable. The most important thing to know before pointing you in a direction is what limit you want to play. If you are ready for $.50/$1 or $.25/$.50 no limit then go to Party poker or a skin. If you are looking for a micro limit site then try a Prima site listed at
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such as Poker333, 7sultans or Royal Vegas. All three of those rooms are what are known as skins. They feed into the same large network. Also check out Ultimate Bet too as they have $.02/$.04 and so does Poker Stars. It really depends on what limits you are looking for. If you want a game other then Texas Holdem you almost have to go to Party Poker/skins or Poker Stars. Most other rooms lack action in rooms outside of holdem.
best sites

i found out of many online poker rooms that poker 333 is the best of all but i do enjoy playing on party poker also.

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