What is the BEST Beer you can buy?


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Hiya. Beer Me.......................:)

OK, In America, Without special ordering from Europe or someplace, what is the best beer you can walk into some store and buy? We are Talking Steak & Potato, or Pizza, Type Beer. We are talking about, Drinking the beer, and not sipping on it, and acting like it is expensive wine.

I wil be testing your suggestions. Unless i just don't trust you.......:rolleyes:


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Mich. Ultra, no belly! :thumbsup:


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Top Picks in my Beer dept.
This is my top picks.
And they have to be in glass bottles.
A can beer to me has a different Taste because I think you can taste the can lol






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We are talking about, Drinking the beer, and not sipping on it, and acting like it is expensive wine.

Okay IF I am gonna be drinking from daylight til dark at say a car show or ball game ........
Then I have to have a watered down beer ... so I can keep up with my alcoholic friends :rolleyes:
For this I prefer Coors light Or Michelob light... I would throw Bud Light in there but , I have discovered through many weekend experiments that, the hops in Anheuser Busch products contain more sulfides than others and cause a severe headache at the midday point in my drinking festivities :what: yes I know Michelob is Anheuser Busch also but it doesn't seem to bother me , maybe because it is more premium than Bud light , Natural light ...,on down the line .



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Rolling Rock was always my favorite until they were bought out by, I think, Busch. Still is okay, but doesn't taste the same, IMO.

But Brooklyn Pilsner is good. Sapporo and Becks are also favorites of mine. I like wheat beers, too - Blue Moon, with an orange slice. :)+


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Staropramen is an AWESOME brew. It goes well with game, chicken, beef and any set-up kind of bbq.

Now, if you're planning on getting the smootch on, it's too hardy. At least in quantities of six or twelve.

For that, you want a beer that talks to you, a brew that is alive!(oh gawd, what a charade :rolleyes:)

Go with a Carlsberg if you can(good luck finding it here in the US) and you will get lucky. Or a Heineken if everything fails. That way you'll feel lucky, gulping the rest of the malts you bought.

Post your ventures here if you will.


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Hiya guys,

There's a couple of Belgian top quality beers that you can purchase pretty much around the globe these days.

Definitly worth trying is 'Duvel' - a rather strong beer but definitly worth trying.

Very tasty also are the Belgian 'trapist' beers .. You should be able to find both light and dark leffe.

And for those that are normally not into beer - I've seen 'kriek' - a cherry based beer sold in the US.

There's hundreds more to try, but many will be hard to impossible to find outside of Belgium.




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Certainly not the best beer, but being a fellow Philippines expat, I have to give a shout out to San Miguel Pilsen. ;)


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If I was to pick a mass market American brew, I'd opt for Sam Adams.