What is it about "CHECK THE FORUM" Before You Deposit You Don't Understand???


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Sep 20, 2005
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Ok People! Heads Up!

There are sooo many threads out there about being slow paid, non paying and down right not getting paid, that I know I am getting really tired of seeing them especially when they are, and have been many complaints about them, right here in the forum. (Do a search for threads on a casino you might want to play at)

I, myself..was one of you, that worried just once about getting paid, but this was AFTER many withdrawals from the same casino that I got worried about...and reading that this one casino was a tad shady right here in the forum I quit them (after my final withdrawal being paid) I figured, why take any more chances...

Even tho I received many payments...it started taking longer and longer for payouts....and this forum helped me to do just that. QUIT THEM (This casino was once my favorites)

So, as someone suggested to me when I joined the board a short while ago (I too was a lurker for a long time), do your homework on the casino BEFORE you make that initial deposit, and you won't stay up worrying about that fat withdrawal you can't get out fast enough..

There is another thread on here about what casinos pay out, how fast the payout is, what the requirements are if any (Paperwork). Read up on it and you might be surprised on how many really good casinos are out there that are willing to give you your money faster than ever and...that WON'T hold your money hostage!

Good Luck to all and may your pockets be full!
Excellent Post

AND you make perfect sense.
Much luck to you too.:thumbsup:

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