Non-Bonus Complaint What is Happening to you Slotocash?


Dormant account
Mar 5, 2012
Chino Hills, CA
Lovely people at Slotocash, it is I, Deezle. First off I would like to say that I have no serious complaint about you guys, but I am beginning to grow weary of depositing with you because for the 4th aggravating time I have deposited it becomes an ordeal and I end up waiting for hours when of course (my fellow gamblers will know) whenI dont want to wait to play if I am sitting down to deposit. I could play other places and might have to because I like to play when I pay.

I use a VISA greendot card (prepaid debit card)US) and when I deposited, the usual chat window pops up and it says that my transaction was declined...


And on top of that lovely thing, somehow my card was DEBITED from your side, but NO MONEY in my casino account. Now I have to wait. Sloto says that it is declined on their end, yet my cardholder verbally explained that very transaction was taken from the merchant. Sloto, (Jessica, Andy, Christina, Rebecca<3,Sarah, Eva, Victor... etc, LUV YALL STILL) please do something for us American Players, Gangsters, and Pimps... LOL sarcasm.

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