ATTN: Casino Rep What is going on with Slotty Vegas?


The Professional
Jan 17, 2014
Northern Ireland
Anyone else having Slotty Vegas issues?
I just closed my account today for a month in the hope they can sort out the mess. Issues I've had over the past couple of days include:

  • Games not loading.
  • Language changing to German for no reason.
  • "Reality check" popups EVERY FIVE MINUTES with no way of changing them.
  • Microgaming games unplayable because of said popups.
  • Withdrawals not working.
  • Supercharged winnings not being added.

I could live with all of them except the reality check popups. Every five bloody minutes they appear and cover half the screen, and on top of that, every half hour a blue banner appears at the top of the screen as well with a mini gaming report.
When they appear, any Microgaming game that happened to be spinning at the time, will just keep spinning and need restarted as a result. It's beyond maddening.

The staff I've spoken to have all been as good as BetAT's staff usually are (in my opinion): courteous and professional, and always answer immediately. Can't complain about that side of things at all, but the casino for me is a complete unplayable mess.
What's annoying is that the site was down for maintenance a few days ago, for quite a long time, and since then all problems have been exacerbated. What maintenance were they doing exactly? :rolleyes:

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