What is everyone's favorite Rival Slot?


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Aug 25, 2004
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I used to like Reel of Fortune a lot too, but I've had some unlucky runs on it recently :(

Most people's favorite will be the one they've won the most on, so mine is Reel Party! :thumbsup:

I also enjoy playing Travel Bug for the no-lose free-spins (but I just wish that stupid 'Passport Bonus' would occasionally not take the piss), Hole in Won (when it's in a good mood!) and Future Fortunes.


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Nov 18, 2006
I have a love hate relationship with Scary..... :eek: I wonder why? :eek2:
Scary can be such a bitch and yet on the other hand she can give you some incredibly awesome wins on a relative small bet and to tell the truth I've had more awesome wins on $2.00 or less spins. I've been up quite a bit more than a few times and took a chance on some $5.00 -$10.00 spins and even hit the features a few times. It's a real bitch when you get 20 free spins on a $5.00 bet and end up with less than $5.00. Stuff like that will make you swear it off for a week or two. Also.....getting a $10.00 freebie up to $2000.00 + but only being able to cash out $100.00 is a real bitch also. On the other hand it was fun playing it up and I wasn't as conservative as I'd normally be. I did have about $60. in comps when I was done but did I win with that........of course not! lol Once I logged in to one of the rivals and I had a 1.00 in comps......I thought ok....20 spins on scary. My first spin hit for over a $100.00.
If you are going to play scary and you get lucky the best thing to do is quit when you are ahead because she will die on you...........if you don't quit she will chew you up and spit you out like a wad of chewing tobacco. :D

I guess my favorite all around rival slot would be Love & Money with Cleo a close 2nd.


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Aug 2, 2007
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I am very addicted to Scary Rich - my second favorite is Fantasy Fortune - both can be very very good or very bad - but thats gambling :D

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