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Oct 18, 2001
I got an email from a casino that I cashed out at a month ago through FEDEX thinking it would be pretty fast. But after a week, no check, so I sent the casino an email about not getting my check, and they emailed me back saying that they didn't have enough money in their checking account to pay me that way, and asked if I would accept payment through Paypal if I had an account there. I sent hem an email back asking if I understood them correctely, because I didn't know casino's sent checks for your cash out's that way, but if they would, that would be fine with me. Anyway, no answer. Then after many emails back to them, more than I got back, to find out what was going on . They sent me another email finally saying they had sent my check through DHL, and a tracking number, but I have never heard of DHL, and do not know how to track my check. That was a week ago, still no check. beginning to think they are giving me the runaround again. So didn't know anywhere else to go to ask someone what and how to track it. Tried asking around other places, but no answers. Can someone please help?
Thank you. Craftyx
You can track DHL through their web site www.dhl.com. In California, they are the same as FED EX or UPS, I can't say for the other states in US but I use them here all the time for shipping.

Good Luck to you
Hi time: Thank you very much for your reply. I went to the link you gave me, and when I typed in my tracking number, it said, if I understand it correctly, that my check was picked up in Seattle Wa. I don't live there. They have my email and address, so how could this happen? I think they are trying to swindle me out of my money, and I am really upset. I have been trying to get it sent to me for a month now, and it was supposed to be sent Fedex to begin with, so I am really smokin about this. They also lied about a lot of things. And they are probably lying about this. I don't know how in the world someone else would be able to accept my check . I am going to call them tomorrow, and if they don't have a check to me by next week, I will be in the bitchin room. lol.
Thanks again, and hope you have a good one.

Youre very welcome. Just to be sure, let me clarify on how to read/interrupt DHL's tracking data. A "Pick Up" is where the package starts. A "Delivery" is what you are looking for, or in this case, the expected delivery date. Just in case the "pick up" you spoke of above was the final destination then contact DHL and ask them who signed for it. I have had one experience where the Casino gave me the wrong tracking number and it was just an honest mistake. They had sent me another of their patrons tracking number by mistake. I included the DHL tracking data into my email and it seemed to speed the process up a bit. Just a thought. Best of Luck to you.
Hi again time: Sorry I haven't posted to let you know what a help you have been, but I am having a big problem and thought maybe youu culd help me out with this, if you can and don;t mind.
I went to the link you was so good to send to me, annd found out that the casino sent my check to the wrong address, and someone else signed for it, and has it , I guess. Probably forged my name by now and are gambling it all away at some other casino. I called DHL, and all they said they could do was try to retrive it from this guy that signed for it, and send it back to me. But if they can't retrive it, they said it would be the senders fault for sending it to the wrong address even though it had my name on it. I still can't believe this. I have never heard of that happening before. What a mess. They told me they would call me today, and let me know by noon what is going on, but of course they haven't contacted me yet. It is 1:30 here now. I would think it would be the casino's fault for sending it to the wrong address, and that they should have to send me another check and try to get the other check from DHL, since they are the one's they chose to use, instead of FEdex, like I asked them to. But You would think the mail service at DHL would know better than to let someone sign for something with someone else's name on it. But she said it didn't matter who's name was on it, they just deliver it to the address on the mail, and it doesn't matter who signs for it. What a mess.
I have noe idea what I will do next if tey can't get the check back. I guess I will just be out the money. It's getting so, I'm afraid to cash out anywhere anymore. It always seems to end up being a big hasssle to get someone to pay what they oew you. They don't have a problem taking your money, but when time comes to pay up, they have all kinds of excuses.
Well, thaks for lettin me vent, and tanks for all your help. If you have any idea's of what I could do, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again. craftyx

I think it is time that you put in an official claim to the OPA. If you are not a member, then become one. It cost $25.00 and I have found it worth every cent. These are good honest people who work hard to protect and serve (gee where have I heard that before) the on-line players.

I suspect the Casino is not being honest with you as it is a Criminal Offense to forge someones name. If they care so little for how their patrons get paid then I suggest you stay away from that particular one. However, there are just as many good Casinos who do care, and do pay and make on-line gambling fun.

If you check out the Topics here you will find that every few weeks or so some experienced players actually list the good guys and others respond to that thread with their own listing. If you keep watching you will see that some of the names keep popping up over and over.

The OPA site also lists many things you should look for in an on-line Casino, and following their advice will help you enjoy, and possibly profit, from your on-line playing.

Best of luck to you
Hi agin time: Hope I'm not pestering you too much, but I don't know anything about the OPA, and the account I won the money from was a forum. The owner of the site can't even get them to answer her emails, phone calls, or letters. I won the account for my birtday, some birthday present huh? I have been trying to get this straightened out through DHL since they were the one's that delived it to the wrong person, but am having a hard time with them too. You would think if anybody sent a check through the mail, they would have it insured. That's why I smell a rat. If the casino sent it through insured mail, maybe they also sent it to someone they knew on purpose at that address , so they could get the insurance. They would come out ahead that way, and they apprently need it, because they sure aren't answering any emails. ECT. I haven't posted their name on here yet bacasue I didn't want to give any casino a bad name, before trying to resolve it without a big mess. But it's apparent that they are up to something, so I am going to tell everybody that reads this to stay away from Gambler's Palace. That is the name of the casino that is not responding, and they are still on the web, because I went back there to live help and asked them a question just to see if they would answer, and all it did, was say" someone will be with you in a minute. Our reps are busy at this time. So, they could still be getting money from some other sucker like me. And I do know there are a lot of good casino's out there. This is the forst time I have ever had a problem this bad collecting my money from any of them. Some were harder than other's , but all paid up inthe end.
Could you please tell me how to go about contacting the OPA. as I know nothing about how to do it, if you have the time to help out. If not, I will understand. Isn't there an way to turn this in to Casinomeister also?
Thanks. craftyx

It is no bother at all. Go to the OPA website
www.onlineplayersassociation.com and click on the "Sign Up Today" area. Then you can enter the members area and file your complaint with them.

They offer more then just this area of expertise. They also have a recommended sites listing and many interesting articles. Although I have been fortunate, having never had the need to file a complaint, I have found their input and guidance very insightful. Well worth the $25.00 fee.

I would also suggest you run the name of the Casino in the "Search" area here and read what has already been written about Gambler's Palace.

Best of Luck to you!
Hi time: Just wanted to let you know I finally got my money from Gamblers Palace. I posted at a forum , a really good one, and one of the moderators read it, and said she would get on it right away, then she and the owner of the forum sent them and email and I got an email the next day saying they were going to pay me. The Casino had banners on there forum. Hadn't heard anything until they sent the emails to them. So I guess they had some pull, telling them they would not promote their site if they didn't pay me. I had my money by Thurs. I couldn't hardly believe it. I don't know if you go to forums, but if you ever do, try Gamblers Edge. They have a lot of good contests there to win free Casino accounts and a lot of nice people.
Anyway, just wanted to tell you the good news, and say thanks for all your help. Hope you stop by the forum someday. My name there is iloveslots1.
bye for now, hope you have a good and lucky one.
Sincerely, craftyx
Hey Craftyx,

If you wanted to contact me there are a myriad of ways to do so. I've been solving players' problems for a few years now and have been quite successful at it. Please bear in mind that this forum is the tip of the iceberg for this website. There is a section on "rogue casinos", how to choose casinos to play at, a form to submit casino problems, links to the OPA, etc.

As for the Gamblers Palace, I would not have played there. It's a Unified Gaming site (check our "Warning Signs" page), which are notorious for non-payments of winnings, deception, and unorthodox methods of dealing with their problems. Do a search in this forum for Gamblers Palace, Bringmeluck.com, and some of the other famous UG sites. I think you'll be surprised at what you'll find.

To question whether or not I should have assisted in your problem would have only taken three minutes to submit your problem here: https://www.casinomeister.com/player-arbitration-pab/


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