What is Chartwell software like?


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Dec 7, 2004
Just a little update to this thread.

This session is from the spin room.....I know, I said I wouldn't go back.

Total Hands: 269
Single Wins: 93 (35%)
Single Pushes: 15
Single losses: 111 (41%)
Double Wins: 7 (36.84%)
Double Losses: 10 (52.62)
Blackjack: 12
Dealer Blackjacks:19

Best Streaks:
Not losing: 6 (W5 P1)
Not winning: 9 (L9 P0)

Still some very bad stats, even though the sample is quite small. The double losses are particular bad methinks.


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Apr 3, 2005
I've never had an account at VC, but I've had a Eurobet account for nearly a year now. Their single-deck blackjack has always run right along expectation for me. I certainly do not think it is "rigged" in any way. Also, Gluten, your stats don't look very incriminating at all, at least to me.


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Feb 7, 2004
I've played Chartwell SD BJ extensively and it plays very strangely for a single deck game. I think a few other posters have expressed doubt about the game. Would advise any potential players to be cautious.


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Jun 15, 2005

Ive played coral and eurobet. I found the monthly much more use than than the welcome. I lost my first deposit on Coral, couldnt win a hand at BJ, redeposited and couldnt lose and turned a small win.
The software is really slow even on a 1mb bband connection for BJ. And it can seem very unfriendly. Videopoker runs so much faster and seems a lot fairer. I did have problems with the bonus code being accepted, I even phoned CS to see if it had been accepted was told that it was and then after wagering and coming out 25/6 pound up was told it hadnt been and had to play again. Still won though.
You can check at the top of the game screen in my account whether you have been credited with a bonus before playing. Theres a pending bonus statement.

I also have a friend who phoned them and got a refund of 20 from Coral as he was so disgusted with the play. He spoke to the casinomanager who agreed the payout seemed abnormal and gave him more cash to play with.
Thats good service.

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