Question What is a reasonable amount of time for a casino to process a progressive withdrawal?


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Apr 10, 2018
Hi all, . I have a question regarding timelines for progressive withdrawals. What is a reasonable amount of time for a casino to process these types of large withdrawals , assuming your account is fully verified? I don't want to jump the gun and start complaining to them, as I know they have verification checks to complete and also have to verify the win with the provider, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.I put a withdrawal request in on Dec.30, and I am still in pending status. When I reach out to chat, I receive the generic response, "please be patient, we are doing our best to get this processed as quickly as possible for you."....but over 2 weeks? is this the norm for progressive payouts? I just wondered if licencing agreements contain any withdrawal completion standards that casinos are supposed to comply with. Thanks for any input...just wondering what others have experienced. Unfortunately this casino is no longer accredited, so I cant reach out to a rep. Just looking for advice. Stay safe.
You might as well name the casino, as there might still be a rep, or we can tell you if it's well dodgy.

2 weeks is more than enough time.

Name the casino, as depending where it's licensed, you may get nothing.
I didn't name them in the post because I was afraid it would be viewed as a PAB.... Im just looking for some general feedback for now. I should have mentioned that is a casino that is licensed in Malta. I am trying to be cooperative and not cast any more negative attention on them, but if it takes much longer I might have to escalate the issue. I will give it a few more days and hopefully it will be resolved. My account is verified, address, identity, sow, and payment our correspondence from Jan 10 they told me they were waiting on verification from the game provider Play n Go. To be honest, I didnt even realize they were no longer accredited until I started reading through some posts from awhile ago.
If it's licensed by the MGA you should be fine, i pesume Canadians can legally play there?.

Normally with progressives the casino does not get involved (depending how much) and the provider pays the money directly into your account.

Is there anyway you can contact the provider, to give them a nudge?. Infact i will tag @LadyJelena for you as she deals with all the reps and can speak to you on PM if you prefer.

Please do come back when this is resolved, as we love to here a story of a mega win.

Good Luck.

P,s if the Casino is not accredited, a PAB might not be an option, But hopefully the provider are decent. Just seen its Play n Go. Should not be any issues hopefully
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Yes, we can legally play here. I have made several withdrawals, never an issue. That would be great if Lady Jelena could pm me. Any help is appreciated! Thanks for your reply, I am definitely hoping to share a positive win story with you all when I get it sorted!
Hey @Debbinzwins - on my way to PM you :)

But don't be afraid to mention casino who's assistance you need here in the future, that's one of the points of this forum :thumbsup:

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