What is a good casino?


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I was looking around after reading the thread about Inetbet and no contact numbers and only email..I found this and it really was interesting to see others take on what constitutes a good online casino...
Here are a few pointers that would hopefully help anyone who's looking into start playing at an online gambling website. Upon visiting any such site, make sure you actually take the time to ask yourself some of these questions:

- Does the site look good?

Very important, as the build quality can give you very good insight into the quality this particular company treats their customers. Shabby looks mean shabby business.

- Does the site have customer service support?

Stay away from where you can't see this feature. The best online gambling sites take their customers seriously. Ideally you'll find 24/7 telephone customer support in multiple languages, including your native tongue. Not many online gambling or poker websites have this level of support, if your luck brings you to one of these, bookmark it straight away.
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Well I suppose each player will have a different set of pointers for what they feel makes a good / average or bad casino. For me its :

clear definition and systems for fast easy withdraws. Exact time its take to leave your account etc.

Ability to flush winnings as and when you wish.

Easy access to CS - live chat is best but email only is also fine so long as they respond within a few hours.

Casino for me has to be accredited on this forum. I wont go near a casino thats not.

Good selection of games if its custom software.

Decent comps / loyalty program - that keeps you in the game ;)

Probably other points as to what makes a good casino but its all relative to what suits you on a personal level :thumbsup:

Btw Inetbet who dont have live CS answered my emails within minutes when I did email them 1 time. I dont play there now but CS times for me were very good. my 10 cents ... outta here.


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Under normal circumstances if a casino does not offer me at least 24/7 phone support or maybe live chat, I'd hit the back button.

However there are exceptions and iNetbet is one of them.

These guys have a stellar performance sheet that spans back years. Granted if I was a new player & not aware of their sartorial customer care then in all honesty I probably wouldn't deposit because they do not have 24/7 phone support, or live chat for that matter.

Which to me these days does seem a bit odd.



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A good casino for me is one where i can win, preferably more then i deposit ;)
and that pays on time. I am not picky.