What. In The Holy Name. Of Zeus. Is Going On With World Lotteries At The Moment?


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Jun 2, 2005
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Clearly lotteries are not skill games...or ARE they (see UK reference below)...but I couldn't figure out what subforum to put this in - this seemed the most correct?

Twice in the last week, I've been FLOORED by reading articles about world lotteries. Does anyone know the two instances I'm referring to?

1. The Bulgarian Sports Minister has ordered a special investigation on the national lottery after the same 6 numbers were picked in consecutive draws! What. The. Hell! Like, this is truly fascinating - because...my first instinct was: "lol it's Bulgaria - wake up!" - but no, there's no possible angle here I don't think, because people often pick the previous week's numbers in lotteries (it's a strange random trivia thing I read - and this one was no different - 18 people shared the prize, and got like meh amounts - so it wasn't worth rigging. Especially as, even if the 18 people were linked in *any* way, it would SO easy to find the links and bust them.

This is truly fascinating. And I just can't come up with anything to explain it. Not even a theory. The draws (like most or all lotteries, unless you're in the Philippines - sigh) are held live on TV in front of a special committee that guarantees no manipulation. Like - I'm seriously flipping out at this.

A mathematician said the odds were 4.2 million:1 - I'm too lazy to run the maths, but that sounds about right.

Just amazing!

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And all this comes after the insanity of last week's UK Lottery draw.

2. On a Live Broadcast, simultaneous with the Live Draw of the National Lottery, Derren Brown correctly predicted the 14million:1 order of 6 random lotto balls.

Now, Derren Brown is an illusionist so - one expects some kind of illusion - but it's fascinating viewing in any case (YouTube vid of the event below).

He promised to reveal his secret to the world to explain how he did it - the following week, millions tuned in only to hear him dribble utter nonsense about "deep maths" and "wisdom of the crowd" and garbage like that.

People are claiming he did it with split screen trickery or some technological assistance of some kind - but there are tech experts who are like "hmmm I dunno" and no one's really able to come up with a theory that has me convinced yet.

What I think the UK government should do, is charge him with Misleading Advertising - because he tells millions of people they can use his retarded "deep maths" gibberish to win the lottery. So I think he's getting paid a fortune by someone who stands to gain from lotto profits. In any case, he's misleading the public, and committing a crime under the UK Gambling Act 2005 (Part 16 covers offences relating to advertising of unlawful gambling [advertising any form of system which deceives players is illegal - actually there are UK posters here who are breaking that law on this forum, perhaps unknowingly]), so he should be arrested for that. A side-benefit is that he'd be forced to reveal how he did it so that the people he's convinced to load up on ticket purchases won't go bankrupt. Actually, the fact that he hasn't already been arrested is kind of annoying me, cause I really really wanna know - from what I've read, I don't *think* it's something as simple as a split-screen or whatever - it's "outside the box" type stuff and I wanna know it, dammit.

Pretty amazing lottery stuff in the last week, in any case!

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YouTube link of the live broadcast (just under 6 min long):

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about the Bulgarian case, well it a thing you can say - had to happen sometime, and it did, while you were alive to see it.
If people do pick the last week's winning number than there had been always a slight chance (very slight indeed) for that to happen...

About the illusionist, I don't believe to this kind of stuff, I would say someone has helped him or fix the balls, but i guess there's no reason why anyone would do that, that is, someone from the Lottery org. itself.

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