What I did today


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I just wanted to share something that I did today. :D

I used to have a Harley Sportster. I sold it back in 1988:eek:. and I've really missed it.
I hadn't had the opportunity to ride hardly any since, well by myself I mean.

I got to take a little spin around the block today on a Harley Hugger.........wow it felt good. I was pretty nervous at first since it had been so long since I've been riding.
Much to my surprise it felt really great, and it is like a bicycle, once you learn how, it all comes back. :thumbsup:

It felt awesome to have the wind in my face. Plan on doing it some more this spring and summer.


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Freakin' cool! Wind in your face on a Harley........beats the crap out of sitting on a bicycle in front of a fan.......


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THat musta been nice BB! Good for You. I played some Word Riot because pogo finally brought it back after 4 yrs! I also went shopping