What happens if a Casino Closes Down?


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Mar 17, 2003
Since we are on the Topic of casinos closing down lately, I might as well put this question to you guys.

Everyone now-a-days like to keep their money in the casino account for convenience sakes. But has anyone actually wondered what to do or what would happen if a Casino closes down and says "goodbye"? Do they have a reserve somewhere or just with the casino itself only? Wouldn't this be considered cheating?

Anyway, it's a good thing to wonder about. What would you or anyone else do to try to get back the money they owe you. Do input your views and opinions on this issue.
Ok my opinions :)

In the world of business, if you have credit or money owed by a business you deal with, and they go insolvent, you're in trouble. They would only be declared insolvent if they were, erm, insolvent - ie: no cash to meet their debts. Hell even some of those who aren't yet insolvent may dip into your pension fund to solve their crisis ;)

This is why i never leave money in a casino account after a session, irrespective of who they are. You're essentially asking someone else to mind your money and its not under your control.

I'd rather withdraw/re-deposit later. I always make sure my money is under my control, no matter where i am and who i'm dealing with. The only business people I trust with my money, through necessity i should add, are the UK banks.



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