What happens during a hanged game?

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Jun 1, 2006
Hi all,
I'm sitting on a winner (at least one doubled hand) but the game hanged. I don't know what to do except to capture the screenshot and mailing support. Hope it turns out well. Will keep you guys posted of the outcome.
What happens in a hanged game?

Well, the dealer will get a 7 card 21 and you will lose 1 hand and push the other. (Every time).

Just kidding. Let us know what happens.
Well, close. The game eventually timed out and I reconnected. The credits were the same and the doubled hand was the same but there was an additional card on hand 2 (which I drew but did not see it being dealt). Dealer did not bust out and I won the double but lost the other.
playing at intercasino if a hand crashes or the server dies it reinstates the previous hand and plays you out normally as an individual...of course theres no way to know if the deck has shifted for if anything else changes - its only happened to me a couple of times...
MG is very safe.

MG software is very safe in the event of a hung game (and this happens quite a bit!). Depending on what happened, you either see the result of your mouse click, or get to resend your choice. The server stores the state, and when you reconnect your screen is updated to the game as on the server.
In the above case, no doubt the hole card was an Ace, and you lost the second hand because you drew a 10 and decided to stand; this happens far too much on dealer 6 showing!

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