What happened to Trident Lounge?

I did not see a thread about this. Trident Lounge and Trident Poker both forward to Freebingo.com now. Are they gone or were they hijacked?

Did you try both in Firefox and IE?

If you get re-directed in both browsers then most simple way someone could have pulled this scam is by changing your host-file.

You can open the file in notepad and check.
File location:

The lines not starting with # and having two IP/DNS-addresses are redirects, and you should not have any one these I think, if you have a clean windows installation.

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I went to download King Neptune's (Trident's sister casino) and when I clicked on a link from their website it started downloading Maple Casino. So I cancelled it right away, closed my browser and re-opened, and clicked on one of the other "download" links on their page..and it was fine. Since you had a similar problem..I wonder if someone should notify Trident just to double-check the "hijacking" possibility. I run a spyware program pretty regularly, but every now and then something makes it's way in.
It's not doing it anymore. My office has many computers in it. When I posted this it did that on all 4 I tried and from my home. An email I sent their affiliate department also bounced to @ tridentgroup.com. Maybe just a DNS hiccup at that moment. I discovered it checking links on our site and our affiliate links as well as typing them in directly got Freebingo.com. Whatever it was it is fixed now.

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