What happened to the list of "US Facing" Accredited Casinos?


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Hi. I'm a US player looking for the list of accredited US casinos because well, those are the only casinos I can trust.

However, what happened to the list?

This list "http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/list.php?r=category/5-Accepts-US" Now has only Borgata on it :eek:


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Urm? Yes I see only 1? U.K facing has only 38 but the complete list has about 100, so there is 61 casinos out off 100 that do not accept U.K & U.S

Surely there being worked on,


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The list is for US Licensed casinos - these are casinos licensed in the States - and at the moment we have one Borgata Casino, but in the next few weeks we should have more added there.

If you are looking to play at casinos that are accepting bets from most every where, you can check the RTG list which is here:


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Thanks for the answer!

Poor 3dice though, they'll be un-findable for a little while since they're US facing Accredited and not RTG.


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maybe try an Iranian casino... (oke i probably shouldn't have made this comment, but still hope at least someone can appreciate the humor)

cant you play at Intertops or Inetbet?