What Happened to Microgaming?


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Oct 29, 2013
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Microgaming has been one of my favorite game developers since I started playing online several years ago.

But what are they doing now? they haven't launched an innovative and good game in a long time, it seems they don't make games themselves anymore and they only have small indie companies making games for them?, and these games are some of the biggest garbage I've ever tried; boring games with no potential.


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Jul 10, 2016
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Some original MG slots are legendary.
They put the BTG nonsense to shame, haven’t had a decent release since the latest Jurassic park and that sadly was a massive disappointment.
Maybe the demand from the zzz megaways or buy bonus fobty slots has contributed to the demise of a once amazing provider, who knows, but it’s certainly sad.


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Jul 1, 2018
Thunderstruck 2 and Immortal Romance, legendary games but are now disgraced with unplayable software! These games run so terribly its unbelievable. No auto play, extremely slow spins and even the spin button is buggy and sometimes doesnt work.

They need to sort themselves out pronto!


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Apr 19, 2018
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Also not a fan of the newer farmed out games that MG is putting out. MG were always my favourite provider.

I was always holding out hope that MG was just using all it's resources to convert their massive library of games to HTML5, so they didn't have the manpower to create new games, then when everything was converted everything would go back to normal.....Then I woke up :mad:

There are a lot of old MG games that I still play regularly and will continue to do so - they can still deliver some good wins. These days everyone is worried about a 20,000X max win, when we all know that isn't going to happen. I'll take a game that delivers 500x wins way more often.


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Dec 18, 2014
The truth about the future of MG was literally on the wall when they launched their Quickfire platform in 2010. From the beginning, the architecture was intended to allow them to host virtually any game. Back then I had contacts in the company and asked them ... "well, I wonder how long will it take before you will have other companies doing the slots and you reduce yourselves to manage the content?" ... simply because it's easy money. I didn't get an answer, so I knew that was the plan.

We should not forget, MG is making unbelievable amounts of money with just a handful of their games: Mega Moolah series, IR and TSII.

Their name still pulls the crowds and hardly any regulated casino dares to go without them, so, all they need to do is have mesmerizing shows at the industry conferences to convince the operators that they are still "the brand".

The majority of players are not the "hardcore" community that we are, nor have they experienced what MG was one day, or have played their games on the Viper client. To them, entertainment, colours, fancy animations etc count more than how a game actually performs. Where we slot nerds can tell the difference, the "newbies" simply don't know. And there are daily 10,000s of newbies signing up worldwide.

A few words to the partner studios. Most of them have been founded by ex-employees of the big boys as they decided that they want to have a bigger piece of the massive pie that is "online gaming" today. So they approached some colleagues/friends or even people employed at competitors etc and set-up shop....very small shop that is and they all hope to be the next NetEnt, Quickspin, Play'n GO etc. Now, to get off the ground to earn some income you need some games quickly, something that is relatively easy to design, uncomplicated math model etc. The result is the drivel we see surfacing on Quickfire for the last years.

And because the money is still rolling in big time, MG got so lazy that they didn't even bother to design a common game interface nor a proper one for their HMTL5 conversion. Coincidentally, I set up some game pages for Microgaming yesterday and was flabbergasted when I loaded some of the older titles in demo mode to get a screenshot for the pages. Below are some examples.

How long will they be able to sustain this course? I don't know but it IMO it is a sure way into irrelevance, whether it will take 3 years or 5 years. They are lucky that they were the backbone of 200+ Viper casinos and that legacy still carries them today. But even hardcore MG casinos like 32RED have started to diversify which automatically leads to less revenue for MG.

My reviews for their latest games regularly trash MG and I have been contacted already a few times to explain myself. It's gotten so bad that I do not receive demo links/promo material anymore whereas in the past I had direct connections in the required departments. Not that I care because the games are simply atrocious. Just reviewed Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx yesterday and all they did is increase the game window to 5x5 and put some more multipliers into the gameplay. That, ladies and gents, is what MG can come up with in 2 years since they released the original. Truly sad. :oops:

Thunderstruck - Thor has been castrated :rolleyes:


Mermaids Millions - the mermaids are crying

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Sep 8, 2013
They did what NetEnt, NextGen and WMS did. Rested on their laurels.

Blueprint, BTG and Play N' Go seem to be the cool cats these days.

That said, I probably play MG more than any other provider. Still love a session on any of their 243 ways.

And I don't even mind the HTML5, zero autoplay versions. But that's perhaps down to having 5 winning sessions out of 6. :laugh:

One thing is for sure. I'm definitely dreading the day the Viper Client is decommissioned and laid to rest.


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May 22, 2012
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Microgaming has been one of my favorite game developers since I started playing online several years ago.

But what are they doing now? they haven't launched an innovative and good game in a long time, it seems they don't make games themselves anymore and they only have small indie companies making games for them?, and these games are some of the biggest garbage I've ever tried; boring games with no potential.
I tackled this in my summary of slots in 2018, along with IGT, WMS as other big developers who've dropped the ball:


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Jun 12, 2013
Back in the old days MG Games were the only ones I played. Viper only and I was satisfied with that. Since they released the first Jurassic Park I havent played any of their new games more then a couple of spins to try it. And for maybe 2 years or more I dont even open the new releases. I cant even tell you a name of a slot they released the last 12 month.

And if you look across the popular streamers you dont see them playing MG unless they do one of those „We collect 100 Bonus hunts“.


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Aug 21, 2017
Maybe it's not that tempting to make so many new slots with this competition there is these days, you still have your muscles and can publish new games made by others. It could be money thrown away to spend huge amount of money for developing new slots just for doing them to be very similar than hundred other ones... At the moment as Harry pointed, there are so many of these small players who many are ex employees of some game providers and now making these themselves and try to hit something big, would assume that give it few years and we are back in point where there are mainly few major players left who have bought some these smaller ones who have made something good and who haven't, will be forgotten.

Bit same happened with casinos some years ago, we saw suddenly huge amount of new kids on the block which many are now part of these old big players and many as well don't exist anymore.


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Jun 3, 2013
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Microgaming was one of my to go providers but the last 2 years I haven't seen a decent release from them.
I keep returning to their old suite of games like Immortal Romance, TSII, TFROL, Deck the Halls, Santa's wild Ride, Dragonz, Jurassic Park and their old 9 liner slots.
All the new releases are beyond crap.


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Dec 12, 2017
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I like some of the newer ones such as Book of Oz and Bookie of Odds as well as the Break da Bank respins idea but I hated a fair amount of their old stuff as I found it hard to bonus or even win decent on any at all.


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Mar 4, 2019
When i first started playing and reading websites and stuff they all said how amazing MG were. I never really got it even though i still played some of their games. I think i probably got into it just as they were slacking off so I missed the golden era they are meant to have had.

I do get sucked in by good looking games though especially if the theme grabs me. Still learning how to really figure out if a game performs well or not


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Jan 22, 2016
Simply, MG is dying.

I think this started just after their last succes, Jurrasic Park. This slot is maybe perfect, excellent graphics, features, variance is maybe a bit harsh and the paytable is almost copy of Fish Party, roof win is about 6500x, but all in all 9.9/10.

I have a feeling that everything after that went quite wrong.
Next major release - Game of thrones is almost featureless, dull, I was expecting something like JP or Avalon II, and with very evil variance.

Almost everything after that were mediocre slots, variance became even more harsh (now 4 scatters are 10x, not 20x), ideas vanished, graphics lost almost any ambition. Two major projects went very wrong: Jurrasic World is not even a shadow of JP, it has some obvious bugs and graphics are shockingly poor. Almost all that can be apllied to the Phanton of the opera, but execution of this is ever worse and I deeply suspect in math of this slot, something there is terribly wrong.

I guess some people left MG after this failures so new slots were products of some smaller companies. Last truly slot made by MG is Lucha Legends, released in October 2018. I only can say that this slot is pure scandal and it is almost impossible to estimate variance of this slot.

Direction of MG is very disturbing, just looks this:
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Flash support expires next year and I am afraid that will lost some MG classic (JP), because I think that MG is closed book.

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Jan 4, 2010
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I used to love MG slots. TS2, IR, Playboy, Terminator, TFROL, GOT.

WTF happened? Their best developers must have left or died all at once There hasn't been a good slot for at least 2 years. Surely there must be a reason because they have gone from arguably the best slot developer to the worst.


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Mar 19, 2008
MG,s fall from grace has been spectacular, I started playing slots 20 odd years ago and they were way ahead of anyone.
One thing that set them apart was that the early games were true odds with the rtp set by the reel strip combinations,
you could work out the rtp with a simple calculator.I dont think any slot nowdays runs on true odds but it worked for MG.
They used to announce upcoming games a few weeks before release like *** do now but unlike them the game usually
lived up to the hype.Dont know where it went wrong
GOT was a disgrace, out of all the themes that was the one that deserved the effort to make a spectacular game.
I think they had something that has been lost, most of the stuff produced nowaday leaves me cold even with all the
pretty graphics and supermegamultiways.


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Nov 18, 2004
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They are no longer the best that is for sure. I am quite sure they are kicking themselves in the ass for a bunch of wrong decisions made. Way too many other software providers out there, and MG just cannot compete anymore.