What happened in Vegas Towers


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Aug 31, 2004
got email bonus $20 from Vegas Towers at Sept 30, deposit and play once and claim bonus on that day, Never see the bonus until now. In the meanwhile, sent 3 emails, nothing reply. call on Monday, said system very slow and will email to me if ...

I felt frustrated and embarrassed to request again. $20 deserve going to the public once.

what is their feeling?
Anteater: Please send me your account details so I can investigate your account.

You can mail me at vpops@fortunelounge.com

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PS: Did you use the escalation address to our Floor Manager as published on our sites ?
Anteater: The promotion you are referring to was an opt-in promotion and either you did not opt-in as required or you opted in with a different e-mail address than the one on your account. Unfortunately I can not establish which of the two happened as the opt-in tables are cleared regularly.

Your account has been credited with the $20.

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