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What games do you play with "$5" or "$10" bonuses?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by johnsteed, Sep 26, 2006.

    Sep 26, 2006
  1. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister


    Hello fellow forum members! :)

    Having recently found some luck on very low bonuses that had been magically credited to various accounts, I came up with this idea for this particular thread.

    So to get to the question that I've been meaning to ask...

    What games do you play "IF" and "WHEN" your account has been credited with "$5" or "$10"?​

    To be clear, I'm talking specifically about $5/$10 bonuses that were credited to your real account, when previously it had been sitting at $0.00.


    Games I'd play.

    1. "Thunderstruck"
    2. "SpringBreak"
    3. "LadiesNight"
    4. VP Aces&Faces
    5. VP JoB

    Reasons why

    - Starting with the slots, $5.00/$10.00 can be stretched out for a while on .09 cent spins. I'd take a "Tomb Raider"/"Mermaid Millions" over this trifecta of games, but there aren't that many MG casinos that have the minimum under the .45/.75 cent range for those particular games. Also, I've had a knack for coming up with the relatively big and timely hit during the "FREE SPINS" session on "Thunderstruck" in particular.

    - I'll play various forms of VP (specifically the two listed above), because I can play on a .25 cent minimum bet per deal; just not in the FLASH version which has the minimum set at $1.25. If I get hot, I start increasing my bet and hopefully I can take that original $5/$10 and turn it into a $20 (and try my luck at something else after).

    The games I'd most likely avoid even though I'd want to play them...

    1. BJ
    2. "Tomb Raider"
    3. "Mermaids Millions"

    Reasons why

    - At $2 minimum per hand, that's not enough to hang-in-there! I used to always go for it - and I'll get to that in another thread I'll be posting shortly - but not-no-mo'. :rolleyes:

    - Well, I've already stated why I won't play these particular slots, even though I'm drawn to them first... one could say hypnotized...

    Random Thoughts...

    - One of the main reasons I had started this thread, was my tracing my way back to my earliest steps, thinking about all of those squandered opportunities playing BJ on all of those $10 no-deposit bonuses I'd received (various MG casinos). I would do it much differently today. Out of all of the times I played off of the $10 no deposit bonuses, only once had I made it to the $100 mark. There must have been roughly 20 MG casinos that were offering that sign-up bonus back in '01/02, and at least half of them surprisingly still are.

    - Around this time last year, I took a $10 Maple Casino bonus up to well over the $1,000 barrier, and cashed-out AND was paid as promised. That was far from my greatest run at an online casino, and I have greater stories than that one, but it was certainly my greatest story in '05 (what was certainly considered a down-year for me).


    Games I'd play...

    1. VP Aces&Faces
    2. VP JoB
    3. "LOTTO Madness"
    4. "Dr. Lovemore"
    5. BJ
    6. "Chinese Kitchen"
    7. "Vacation Station"
    8. "Desert Treasure"
    9. "Triple Profits"

    Reasons why

    Actually, I think that PlayTech is God of the $5 bonus, in terms of the variation of games/minimum bets/return. I wanted to include a bunch of other games in here, but the list would be too long, and it show too much favoritism/bias on my part (to which I am because PlayTech is God of the $5 bonus).

    - I went with VP Aces&Faces and JoB as my top two, because of the .05 cent minimum. That's a ton of bets off of $5, and I'll gladly switch games if I'm able to get to the $7 mark. All baby-steps.

    - I really like "LOTTO Madness", and the other new slots are similar somehow although not nearly as good; though still good enough in their own way. Although the MG video slots (that I had mentioned) have a lower minimum bet per spin, these particular slots are vastly superior at giving you enough wins along the way to keep you going.

    - "Chinese Kitchen"/"Vacation Station" seems to be generous enough, and if I can get into that $7-8 range, I'll switch to another game. I use these games as the trampoline/ladder to that next level (the $7-9 range).

    - I'll take BJ here because the bets are only $1, and I've ALWAYS had good enough luck at PlayTech BJ when I'm in the soon-to-be-dead-zone. I'm comfortable enough on their BJ once I'm in the $9-12 range.

    - "Triple Profits" has been around for quite some time, but like "Chinese Kitchen"/"Vacation Station", it's a bit different... albeit dated. In my earlier days, when I pretty much played exclusively at PlayTechs and after busting-out at BJ, whatever nickels and dimes remained were used at this game. It's good for a buck or two.

    The games I'd most likely avoid even though I'd want to play them...

    1. "A Night Out"
    2. Arcade Games

    Reasons why

    - Just based on my luck at this game, I'm excluding "A Night Out" from the other list. It ends up here, fair or not, I haven't done well on this game.

    - Actually, I wouldn't WANT to play their series of Arcade Games... they suck! Really, they really really suck!!! The games that they chose, blow... HARD! Pong for a buck is a better concept. Memo to "PlayTech"... dump these games... dump them hard... bury them in that same landfill with *New Coke, the E.T. Atari game ('83), "Brandy Casino is #1" votes, and all the hype that came with movies "Ishtar" and "DUNE". Memo II... if you should find some "MINI-POPS" albums in that particular landfill, send one/some to me... I'd love to get my hands on one for nostalgic purposes. :cool:

    View attachment 3788

    The start (or was it?) of the great Video Game crash of '83...

    Random thoughts...

    - Excluding "Royal Dice" and everything "Sunny Group", I've had great luck at converting $5/$10 bonuses into something MUCH greater at most PlayTechs. Actually, PlayTech casinos are the only ones where I've made it past the $10,000 barrier, which I've managed to do several times. And although I could never make good on ALL of those opportunities that "Royal Dice" had given me with all of their free bonuses, this historically has been my best casino in terms of having success on big bets placed. I wish it were another operation, but "Royal Dice" has given me the highest peaks (luck/variance)... and it's not even close. :confused: :(


    What games do you play if and when your account is credited with "$5/$10"?

    1. Triple Inferno
    2. VP Aces&Faces
    3. VP JoB
    4. Joker Poker
    5. The Shark
    6. BJ

    Reasons why?

    - I really don't like "Three Reel Classics" from any software provider, and frankly, I could never understand why people at B&Ms religiously played them either. That is... until I set my eyes on Video Slots. :eek2: But getting back on topic here, "Triple Inferno" is the one slot game that kept me - and somewhat reluctantly - coming back when I was on my last nickels, and when I could no longer squint my way through another hour of RTG's VP! :p

    - I'd put a bunch of their VP games at the top of the list, but talk about murdering the eyes. It's similar to PlayTech, by which they both have that superior .05 cent minimum per hand. Hopefully when you play their VP, make sure to win TONS and TONS of cash. After that - if you should be so lucky - put your winnings towards an eye-job, and load-up on anti-wrinkling cream... load-up as in how they spread the icing all over the cake in those "Betty Crocker's" commercials... just like that.

    - You play "The Shark" once you're down to your final 4 cents... or cent. It's a progressive. You don't play this game in hopes of turning it around. It's too late at that point. What it can do for you though, is burn enough time off of your life clock from having to go and play one of PlayTech's "Arcade Games".

    - I DON'T like RTG BJ, but then again, I LOVE BJ yet I literally hate almost all online BJ games. I'm just as confused about that last statement as you are. I kinda' sorta' don't mind RTG BJ when I'm on my last dollars. I "seem" to have good luck when it's crunch time. I am talking about the $1 BJ, not that crazy $5 hand minimum. Hmmm, come to think of it, most RTG casinos that give me a $5 bonus, almost always have that $5 minimum in place. :mad:

    The games I'd most likely avoid even though I'd want to play them.

    1. Real-Series Video Slots

    Reasons why

    - One of my favorite "All-Time" slots would have to be Aztec Treasure! I love that game. But on $5, I'm staying FAR FAR FAR away from it. That includes all the video slots from this series. And it's a shame too, because at least to me, the only reason I like going to any RTG casino is because of their "Real-Series Video Slots". I can live with the .20 cent minimum, but like the "Marvel Slots", there aren't enough big (nor small) wins to keep you going in case you don't hit the feature... which you most likely won't. I hate playing slots where you have to wait over an hour to hit the feature "IF" you should be fortunate enough to hit it.

    Sad but seemingly true.


    I wanted to include "Cryptologic", but I've never EVER received that small of a bonus from any of them, and probably never will. So, I'll leave this to someone else to tackle, "IF" anyone would dare want to.


    Thank you for reading this post. I'd love to hear how others play off of their small $5/10 bonuses. I'd also appreciate it if anyone could take the time to talk about their greatest wins in one of those situations.


    Last edited: Sep 26, 2006
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  2. Sep 26, 2006
  3. tencardcharlie

    tencardcharlie Dormant account

    The playboy mansion.
    If i'm allowed, I might put everything on one or a few numbers on roulette. Or I make progressive bets on blackjack or baccarat. I once made over 100$ from a 1$ comp playing BJ with progressive bets.

    I might also play VP if I have enough left for max coins. If I anything I double until I'm broke or have an amount worth cashing out.
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  4. Sep 26, 2006
  5. tennis_balls

    tennis_balls Dormant account

    fish n chips promoter
    Albuquerque, NM
    :what: "Brandy Casino is #1" votes:what:

    :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup:

    i've had a few $15 "high-roller" bonuses at crypto via gonegambling

    i head straight to casino solitaire as I think the odds are 1 in 15:what: :what: of clearing the board which pays 5-1 and gives me enough to take my shot at the Marvel Slots.
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  6. Sep 26, 2006
  7. soflat

    soflat Senior Member

    With a $5 or $10 ND bonus I actually try to lose it as fast as I can. It is probably a psychological thing where I know I am probably going to lose so I try to do it as fast as possible and then I feel successful.

    On Microgaming I would do a single number roulette spin, a table progressive (Triple 7s BJ or Let It Ride), or All Aces VP.

    Playtech I would play Megajacks (depending on the progressive meter), or try a slot I never played before, or play a couple hands of Progressive BJ.

    RTG maybe a Real-Series slot starting at $2 a spin, or a few shots at Keno (I like that Inferno slot too).

    Most of these games will give a good payout if I ever actually hit, but will not lead me on too long and get my hopes up for too long.

    The exception is if there is a really small maximum cashout (like 2x the bonus), then I will play conservatively (just to make them process the withdrawal).
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  8. Sep 26, 2006
  9. silcnlayc

    silcnlayc Just one more spin pleez! CAG MM PABnonaccred PABaccred

    IT Director of Operations
    Left Hungary
    I don't bother with the $5-$30 bonus deposits...I let my hubby play out anything under $30.... Don't like to invest the time to try and clear it...not worth 5 bucks for hours worth of play in my book..now a $100-200 might be worth a few hours worth of play..... :D
  10. Sep 26, 2006

    WAYLANDER Experienced Member webmeister

    Garden buildings installer S/E / Poker
    I'm an all or nothing type of guy with these little bonuses, all on 1 spin of roulette if allowed, or 1 or 2 big slot spins.
    I could tell you about the time i got a $10 bonus upto nearly $1000....and then proceeded to blow it all !! :mad: :mad:

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  12. Sep 26, 2006
  13. amatrine

    amatrine Crazy Cat Lady webmeister

    Arizona City, Az

    Dont knock those bonuses, Ive ran them up before!

    I usually play nickle pickm poker, try for the 4 of a kind, then the nickle flaming 7's. This gets me up to 100 bucks some times:)

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  14. Sep 27, 2006
  15. SlotsWizard

    SlotsWizard Dormant account webmeister

    I currently work for the Wizard of Odds
    North of Antarctica
    Great thread, John Steed!

    Here are my choices:


    Slots - I also play 0.09/spin at Spring Break/Thunderstruck/Ladies Nite, or if available, Belle Rock/International Casino Games. For some reason, I seem to have better luck at the International Casino Games slot than the others even though they're all the same. A bet of 0.15/spin at Ho Ho Ho tends to be pleasantly surprising quite often, and the free spins tend to retrigger at least once in every 3 features, sometimes more.

    Video Poker - Single-hand, 1-coin (0.25) of All Aces, Aces and Faces, or Jacks or Better. The nice thing about Aces and Faces is that the single-coin payout is slightly higher than the single-coin Jacks or Better payout, but the opposite is true when maximum coins are bet. All Aces of course takes the cake regardless of the number of coins bet, but because the 2-pair only pays 1x, Aces and Faces is the better single-coin game to play because the lower-end of the paytable is similar to Jacks or Better and it's these lower hands that keep you going most of the time.

    Other Games - I don't really bother. Maybe a couple hands of $1 blackjack but nothing else.

    Realtime Gaming

    Slots - Tiger Treasures at 0.20/spin. It pays left-to-right and right-to-left, the wild symbol triples the win, and I find that it has among the best "retriggerability" of all free-spin RTG games. I like Lion's Lair too because the feature gives you 4 spins at 2x, 4 spins at 3x and 4 spins at 5x and you get to choose the order in which the multipliers are applied. I tend to go in order, 2x then 3x then 5x because I rarely hit anything on the first few spins.

    Video Poker - 3-hand (0.15 total bet) Aces and Eights or Jacks or Better. Despite iNetBet's player-advantage Joker Poker, I don't really like Joker Poker so I stay away from that. Plus the picture of the Joker itself is kind of creepy and brings up memories of creatures such as the clown featured in the novel/movie "It" by Steven King, and who likes being creeped out while they are gambling?

    Other Games - Nope.


    Slots - Desert Treasure at 0.20/spin. I avoid all of their other slots with such a low bankroll.

    Video Poker - 4-hand Deuces Wild at 0.20 (1 coin of 0.05 x 4 hands) because the deuces will give you enough 3 of a kinds to keep you going for a little while at least.

    Other Games - Pop Bingo at the minimum bet (I think it's 0.10?). I do, however, have serious doubts that these numbers are chosen at random. I think the outcome is determined first, and then numbers are selected which fulfill that predetermined outcome.

    Rival Gaming

    Slots - Big Cash Win (3-reel slot) at 0.10 (0.05 x max bet of 2 coins) per spin makes my bankroll last the longest. "So 80's" at 0.15 per spin is okay too because it can be streaky at times (you just have to hope the streak is in your favor).

    Video Poker - Single-hand Deuces and Joker with max bet at 0.05 coin size = 0.25 per hand, in the high, HIGH hopes of hitting that glorious Four Deuces and a Joker combination. Sometimes I will double-up too although I generally avoid all double-ups at any game.

    Other Games - nope.

    Boss Media

    Slots - Kangaroo Jump at 0.01 per line, 0.25 total.

    Video Poker - Single-coin Jacks or Better but if I feel like taking a walk on the wild side I will bet the max of 1.25 and hope for the best.

    Other Games - None.

    And even though I don't get bonuses from them (except the monthly), my comps at InterCasino tend to make me play just as frugally as small no-deposit bonuses in the hopes of hitting something, so I have included a section for:


    Slots - I cannot resist those dang Marvel Slots. My favorites are Thor, The Hulk and Silver Surfer at 0.45 a spin. I also like some of the Rapid Fire (or sometimes a more appropriate name would be "Rapid Bust") slots, especially Hot Summer Nights, Salsa, Sirens and Northern Lights. But I switch to the 20-liners at 0.20 a spin when the 9-liners have shrunken my bankroll, I like the Daily Horoscope one the best. And since I'm a Taurus and a combination of five Taurus symbols is the highest payout, I feel like I am somehow entitled to hitting it although I have not yet.

    Video Poker - I avoid Wagerlogic Video Poker if I have anything less than $100 to play with.

    Other Games - Nope.
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  16. Sep 27, 2006
  17. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    I dont care which software it is. I will head off to paigow poker and turn $5 into $18 or $10 into $37. That way, its either bust or I can have a bigger bankroll to play some slots. I like some of the new slots at playtech ie A Night Out, Dr. Lovemore and Desert Treasure. Two weeks ago, I turned $5 into $130 so sometimes you do win something out of it.
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  18. Sep 27, 2006
  19. silkprint

    silkprint Dormant account

    Yup ...I work
    With $5 or $10 I would play Thunderstruck or Ladies night both for .45 each .
  20. Sep 27, 2006
  21. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Dormant account

    San Diego
    If there's a 100 minimum to cashout, I would go with a 3-number roulette bet. That pays about 11 to one, so if it hits, you can cashout immediately.

    If there's just a wagering requirement, I'll go with blackjack.
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  22. Sep 27, 2006
  23. Zoozie

    Zoozie Ueber Meister CAG PABnonaccred

    Software Developer
    Well, since you asked.
    I use the following algorithm:

    If roulette is allowed (play single number roulette!) :
    Without max-cashout:
    I put them all on a single number
    With max-cashout and no wagering requirements:
    I make a roulette bet that if won will take me to 75% to 100% of the max-cashout (Instead of just withdraw, I honour the bonus by risking it)
    With max-cashout and wagering requirements
    I make a roulette bet that if won will take me to 75% max-cashout
    I always plays slots since the money is free anyway and slots are fun. I start betting 1/100*(max-cashout) bet size trying to reach 75%-125% of the max-cashout which is possible if you get a good bonus round. If I reach 75%+ or clear the wagering goto step 2)

    If wagering requirements is cleared or there are none
    Make a withdrawal.
    I always play videopoker if allowed (blackjack too boring). Here it is important not to bet too much if there is max-cashout. A RF will always take you over the max cashout, but I do not want the second highest win to take me much over that limit. If I am over 100% max-cashout I play JoB to keep the variance low else I like Dueces Wild. The paytable table for the software can change my decision and maybe force me to play blackjack. Somestimes you have to keep playing slots to clear the wagering, but make low bets now and play as many lines as possible! This is almost always 0.01$ bet/line and max lines. (This is rare I suggest to play many lines, but here is a good reason). If I clear the wagering requirements goto step 3)

    If I am over 100% max-cashout
    Make some high bets just to get comp points. When you are close 100% make a withdrawal.
    Make a withdrawal.

    The reason for this play is I want to take a high risk in the start to make it worth my time. It is better to bust often and win 100$ once in 10 attemps instead of winning 10$ ten times and in a row and not busting. Casinos love busters and they are more likely to give you another bonus if you have a total loss at the casino. It is not the best way to maximize your EV but it is close and good enough for me. If you want to maximize EV drop the slots and play a game with a lower house egde that is allowed also withdraw as soon as you can. I just like to play the slots and this is a good opportunity.

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2006
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  24. Sep 27, 2006
  25. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister


    I appreciate the feedback everyone! :)

    Way to tackle the question at hand "SlotsJunkie" and bring your "A" game... :notworthy :thumbsup: And to even add... (as Steed's eyes start getting all misty in happiness)... 3 other software providers to the list (choking-up now... floodgates opening). :notworthy


    I've used this game plenty - in this predicament - although I've had much more success with "LOTTO Madness" and "Dr. Lovemore". My beef with this game - and I DO in fact like this game - is that what's up with the shite payoff with the vases? Garbage... half the time I'm not even doubling whatever my initial bet was! :mad: Why even bother with that feature?


    Moahaha... Precisely. :cool:



    As of this year - in particular with MG casinos - whenever they credit my account with a $20 bonus or more, I tend to just go for it as well. This is when I'll take a stab at "Tomb Raider". I'll go 10 spins at .75 cents, the next 5 at $1.50. If I should be so lucky to line-up 3 Aztec heads or get 3 scatters or more, I'll quickly increase it to $2.25. As long as I'm even or above the credit mark at which point I completed the previous 10 spins, I'll quickly increase to the next level. If not, I'll drop down to .75 cents. Either way, the session is over in about 3-5 minutes, or I'm really going somewhere! :thumbsup:


    So, you're the other guy who occasionally plays this game. I swear I can see cob-webs on the machine, and dust literally flies off the reels off of the first pull. It's like something straight off of the set of "The OMEGA Man", an abandoned casino game. Finally glad to know that I'm not alone on that one. :D



    I certainly had you in mind when I conceived of this li'l thread, and your recent coup over at "Club Dice". Bravo! I was ecstatic that you were paid, and of course, that you gutted-it-out! I think most people would have it in the back-of-their-minds that they probably wouldn't see a penny of their winnings from that casino. But you were paid, so it had a happy ending.



    And thanks for providing us with a crash-course "Zoozie"! :) :thumbsup: Great, great, great info/detail!


    Last edited: Sep 27, 2006
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  26. Sep 27, 2006
  27. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    I have had a few of these at Roxy Palace after playing slots (they give everyone who takes part a 5 ($5) chip at the end.
    Mostly, I just sling it all on Tunzamunni in the hope of hitting the mixed sevens for 20, which is quite common. This 20 is then more likely to do something on, say, Ladies Nite at .90 a spin to reach around 50+, at which point it is probably worth withdrawing.

    Another tactic I have tried is 1 on Pair Plus only of 3-card poker, hoping for the 30 or 40 hits, or a single 5 hand of Blackjack to get to 10.

    If I intend to deposit again soon I just leave it there.
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  28. Sep 27, 2006
  29. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    I get the $5 bonuses at Roxy all the time and the $10 Ruby cashbacks a lot at 32Red. I tend to do 3 spins at $1.80 and if i win, up to $2.25, then $3.60 ( I divide the amount I have by 4 or 5 as a starting point). Normally it goes quick, but sometimes i get lucky and on the odd occasion get up to $500 or more real quick which is then worth having. Last month i was out - cashed in my $10 rubies, did exactly that and ended up cashing out $1500 (everything I'd previously lost - lol) :)
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  30. Sep 27, 2006
  31. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Dormant account

    my self
    Steed I am total opposite, I would play blackjack if allowed, try to get it up to a decent amount then go play slots.
    I won $800 of mummys gold $20 no deposit about almost 2 years ago. :)
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  32. Sep 28, 2006
  33. handkey

    handkey Dormant account webmeister

    Really Great Thread!!

    I will place the money on the "No.20" of the Roulette whatever the software.

    <<Run,Lola,Run>>;) ;) ;)
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  34. Sep 28, 2006
  35. trips to win

    trips to win Dormant account

    own a hospitality business
    upstate NY

    Thanks for all of the good suggestions gang! I appreciate it. Good grief- I must be a really low roller 'cause I tend to piddle around with 25c bets on the 3 reels (usually High Five, Couch Potato, or Crazy Croc.) or 9 cent bets on the bonus slots.
    VWMan - I have never hit the 3 7's on Tunzamuni that I can remember. Good for you in getting them often. That progressive seems to hate me with a passion. I have used my total deposit playing it and busted without a decent hit every time.
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  36. Sep 28, 2006
  37. happygobrokey

    happygobrokey Dormant account

    student of life

    that is a great movie. btw, she bets 20 because she had twenty minutes to get the money. i like the little photo-diaries of the people she runs past, especially the baby-carriage lady who ends up losing her baby and stealing one from the park. hilarious! the broad from that flick is in the bourne identity as well.

    and on a no-depo bonus i would bet $5 on blackjack, then play it by feel from then on based on wr, min/max cashouts etc. or bet $2 a go at pontoon and hope for a few sweet wins early. i just turned a 15 dollar no-depo into the maximum allowed 50 for cashout yesterday. and busted a couple other similar ones.
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  38. Sep 29, 2006
  39. SlotsWizard

    SlotsWizard Dormant account webmeister

    I currently work for the Wizard of Odds
    North of Antarctica
    I hear ya there - those bottles don't hold much. Never pick the tall skinny ones - they don't have much room for treasure! ;) I find that the Wild symbols appear often enough to keep me going (not 5x but 3x happens often, and 4x hit more frequently than they do with MG). I like the free spins too but I haven't hit them lately.

    Sadly, I have not encountered the same luck (yet? :D) at Lotto Madness and Doctor Love that you have experienced. I have tried and tried but still have not yet hit the feature in Lotto Madness. I honestly can't recall getting it in Doctor Lovemore either, but I might have gotten it once some time ago, with a less than memorable payoff. Of these two, the Doctor gives me more wins to prolong my play, but with Lotto Madness I'm lucky to line up three 8-balls and the best I've done with the dollar ball la keno is hit 2 numbers.
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