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What does it take to get the answers to the ??'s i ask - Vegas Regal Casino

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by onemoorebaby, May 13, 2009.

  1. onemoorebaby

    onemoorebaby Dormant account

    Im really disapppointed and feel rather mislead.

    If i have a good experience at a casino i tend to go back and in this case thats exactly what i did. I cashed out $975 and got paid quickly with no documents requested.

    So i went back and played several times. The last deposit i got lucky and cashed out $2000. Looking forward to receiving the money via moneybookers i checked my email quite regularly.

    I was sent an email requesting documents. Not a problem other than wondering why this time? I asked live chat and Nikki could not tell me and went on to tell me all withdrawals at all rivals request this. Not true as i have cashed out at many rivals and never been asked. I also showed her my last payout id and how it had been processed without them but no still no answers.

    I sent in my docs and got an email stating

    Thank you for sending in the requested documentation. It has been accepted. If you have pending cashouts, they will be processed shortly.

    Shortly.... great stuff.... it had already taken way longer than my first so i was happy it would be completed soon and I could continue to deposit which i will not do whilst i have a pending cashout.

    that was 26 hours ago so i ask live chat if they can tell me when and i get the standard form reply of 2 - 5 business days. So i mention the word shortly as i believe shortly to be quite soon. All i get told is he cant answer that as its accountings department. So i ask if there is anywhere i can speak to for answers and he says "im afraid not"


    Now im left just wondering. Why cant they answer what i ask and not give me standard form replies that do not answer anything to do with my query.

    Im a reasonable person and I just dont get it when things turn sour so quick like this

    Do we have he right to be answered?

    Sorry if this sounds petty but its really bothered me.

    I will keep it updated as to when i get paid and if i get any answers. God i hate not being able to control my withdrawals like i can at 3dice
  2. spike38

    spike38 Experienced Member MM


    They gave me the same runaround. They say 2-5 days AFTER clearing the documents EXCLUDING weekends . In my case it took 18 days to get paid.
    Needless to say I'll never play here again.
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  3. onemoorebaby

    onemoorebaby Dormant account

    18 Days??? WTF!!!

    now that doesnt make me happy at all. My first withdrawal was processed first thing after the weekend i cashed out during.
  4. mistye81

    mistye81 Dormant account

    How long have you been waiting. I too am waiting on a withdrawal from there.
  5. onemoorebaby

    onemoorebaby Dormant account

    it is still technically within the 2-5 business days BUT the email i got from the faxback department said any pending cashouts will be paid shortly and to me shortly is not this long.

    My first cashout was also processed without faxback forms and was made really fast so this is really starting to sound alarm bells for me as noone in support would give me any sort of answer that even remotely satisfied me,
  6. mistye81

    mistye81 Dormant account

    I wouldn't worry too much yet, I had 4 cashouts processed without forms, and then on my 5th cashout they wanted forms. I sent them in, and received the approval and was paid the within 24 hours. I have always had my withdrawals processed from Vegas Regal within 1 business day, however this withdrawal is going on the 3rd business day. So maybe tomorrow, thats what I keep telling myself. Good Luck, and let us know when you receive your withdrawal.
  7. onemoorebaby

    onemoorebaby Dormant account

    827273761 1,000.00 Moneybookers PROCESSING May 9, 11:39:26 AM
    827272929 1,000.00 Moneybookers PROCESSING May 9, 11:38:57 AM

    those are the 2 im waiting on...was yours around the same date?
  8. mistye81

    mistye81 Dormant account

    Mine is from Monday May 11. So about the same amount of business days.
  9. onemoorebaby

    onemoorebaby Dormant account


    il let you know when i get paid please do the same
  10. mistye81

    mistye81 Dormant account

    I will! Thanks!
  11. onemoorebaby

    onemoorebaby Dormant account

    I just got paid :oops:)
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  12. mistye81

    mistye81 Dormant account

    me too!:oops:
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  13. slotheadlizard

    slotheadlizard Senior Member


    Look like it takes a little public display of angst is all:)

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