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Dec 2, 2001
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Seems like a decent signup bonus, but i dont really know anything about them. The website doesnt look too shady. No logos of safebet ;)

kavaman said:
No logos of safebet ;)

"Funtime Casino operates under a license granted by the government of Costa Rica, and is regulated by that laws, under the supervision of the Directorate of Offshore Gaming."

Well that's a relief. ;)
They had a freebie to try them out...
It had 20x wagering requirements...
They also operate funtimebingo...
If you do win, check out these withdrawal fees:

Withdrawal Fees

Regular Mail

Overnight Express

Bank Wires

Registered Mail bank checks for amounts lower than $50.00 USD will pay a $25.00 USD service charge fee.

Or not; it's a bad sign that on the very same page they can't be consistent about their withdrawal methods and fees:

If you would like to receive your withdrawl via Overnight Express checks the minimum amount is $50.The first overnight Express of the month is free, the other ones are charged $40. After requesting a withdrawal it will take from one to three days to be approved by management and normally from four to five days to receive your check. We will be sending the check to the address on file. The maximum you can cashout through Overnight Express is $999.

There is a minimum amount of $1,000 for wire transfers . It takes approximately 24 to 72 hours to be approved days and from five to six working days for the funds to show up in your account. There is no charge for this withdrawal.

Or maybe there's a fee for bank wires after all (yep, same page):

Bank Wire

All payouts made via bank wire will be subject to a fee of $100 that will be charged to your account.

The minimum amount to request a Wire Transfer is $1000.


Credit Backs

Regular Mail

Overnight Express

Bank Wires

Registered Mail bank checks for amounts lower than $50.00USD will pay a $25.00 USD service charge fee.

Will need to do more research on their software provider, nevah heard of these guys:

Our software is developed and maintained by Digital Gaming Solution, a leading online gaming software company
Their rates and policies do suck but they pay. I got the $20 n/d yesterday, when I ask for it through a help ticket the manager emailed back stating that it was for 24 hrs only but since I asked gave it to me anyway, so saying that, ask away and have fun.
ok now its starting to ring some bells possibly. I think that its parlay entertainment software. Same that winward casino for example is using.
Dont know anything about this particular operator funtime(bingo and casino) though. Havent heard any big complaints, have you?

As I stated before my wife plays on the bingo site and has had numerous cashouts and they pay pretty quick, so if you can get around the goofy rules and fees I think it is safe.

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