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Sep 7, 2005
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I signed up as a PKR beta tester and I had the chance of downloading the new, beta version of PKR.

It did took me some time - almost 1hr while downloading with 45KB/sec ! !

It's kind of fun - it's like a combination of "THE SIMS" PC game, while playing Texas Holdem at the same time :)

It was really funny to go all-in and doing the chicken-thing (Coohht---coooohhht) to everyone who folded :lolup:

Of course it's much more realistic than other poker rooms - but this sure has its drawbacks : seems to me the whole thing is a bit slow - and some times, when everyone is talking and laughing and giggling and making gestures, all I got was a strange -and annoying, occasionally - mixture of talking and laughing out my speakers, instead of the sweet sounds of chips and folded cards :D

What do you think of it ? Do you think it would be the #1 Poker Room in your list? Personally, because of the small drawbacks I mentioned, I don't think I'll play there too often...
I affiliated

However I have not download it..

For me it looks real nice, however the software seem heavy...Who knows how it will handle it self when 8000 people play online...

Dunno, it seems utopic for me at the moment. But real nice.. great idea and if they pull it out, it will be a huge success...
I enjoyed beta playing it. Its funny to sit there and do chip tricks (like i wish i could live, lol). I wish they could add a few remarks like- luckbox, donk, fish and owned, but i really think its kind of fun if they can speed it up considerably. I am willing to give it a fair chance (that is if i am still allowed to play when they go live :rolleyes: )
I'd been waiting ages to try out the beta version, downloaded the s/w but it failed to run, have sent in a report to tech support. Be good to see how good their support is.

I tried it as well and had to contact support as my office PC is terrible

Their support wqas pretty efficient .I tried to wangle a white lable out of them but that was not happening .Apart from the massive download i think that this is for a niche market and will do pretty well .I know that i am definitely going to promote them.

I too signed up as a beta tester.

Downloaded resonably quick, (1.5Mbit ADSL). Though have to agree it's a bit too chunky for my liking. Maybe that will be address.

Definately a niche market, Anything wouldn't hesitate to say unless you've got a decent rig and broadband forget about playing here.

Personally I think their basic system specs have been underated.

Minimum PC Specs
1GHz Pentium
256 MB RAM
32 Mb video card, Geforce 3 / Radeon 8500
DirectX 9.0c
450MB HDD free

Much like they do these days with most PC games. Guess they have catch as much as the market as possible.

Even though I'm running a P4 2.8 1gig DDR, a decent AGP and so on @ times even that was a bit sluggish, more so in game play tended to act like lag.

Add 8K of players and I think they have to look and rendering issues as a priority. Otherwise people are going to download it, wont be able to play it with so called min specs, crack the sads and bad mouth them.

Definately a fun concept, maybe a bit too resourse intensive though for the current market.
For those of you that have shown an interest in PKR just to let you know that you can now download PKR direct from www.pkr.com

So far feedback has been great with Poker Player magazine calling it The future of online poker, and Bluff magazine saying it may actually be the most exciting thing thats happened in the internet poker world.

Any further feedback much appreciated.

Andy (PKR)

p.s. Real money launch will be later this month
I downloaded it just when it came out and I have been very pleased. I have it downloaded on 2 computers, however on the slower one the program does not run as well. A lot of lag and other components of anoyance. It seems like you need a fast system for the software to run glitch free. Hopefully this can change in the future.

I do believe that this is the revolution of online poker. I am confident that PKR will be the number 1 pokerroom on the net within the next year or two, and will surpass partypoker, and pokerstars.
Its the future

I think PKR is excellent. :notworthy I do however have a decent broadband connection and high spec graphics card. I've been beta testing it and had no major issues.

Love it or hate it in my opinion 3D poker is going to take off in the next few years (but then again I would...)

I heard yesterday that pokerwize.com will be joing the Prima poker network in July. That should at least resolve the issue of going to most live 3D poker sites and finding only a small number of real money tables.:notworthy

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