What do you think about Worldgaming.com ?


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Jan 17, 2006
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Years ago, www.worldgaming.com used to be the domain name of an obscure casino software.
Now it's a new US company which offers gamers the possibility to gamble through Xbox360 and PS3 playing games like Hallo 3, Call of duty 4, etc...
Basically you connect to a normal game server (not Worldgaming server) through your favorite game console and you challenge another gamer at Hallo 3.
On the other side, you go on Worldgaming.com website with your PC, you login into your account and you gamble your money on the fight with the player.
When the game is over, Worldgaming gets he results (ok, that's the "secret" part) and credit the winner's account.
You can read an article about them on IGN's website:
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I've met the founder William Levy at CAP.
I have no affliiation with them I was just seduced by the concept.
What do you think about it ?


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Feb 10, 2009
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Hiya: As long as no, "Shills, cheats ect" are used it would be great. Gamble based soly on YOUR skill at something. Racing games as example. However, i am sure this is in violation of the usuage of playstation, "i used to do tec support for them", and SONY would/will do anything in their power to stop this type of thing from happening.

I am sure, people do this on their own anyway. "Hey Dude, i bet $10 i can kick your arse". OnLine gaming, " Ultima Online, Everquest, WoW, ect", is full of cheats an hacks so people can make money off them If this concept actually went into place, and worked, it would only be a matter of time before someone could exploit it, and ruin it for everyone else.


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Feb 22, 2001
From a legal point of view, the distinction between betting on "games of chance" and "games of skill" is important.

I think this story covers an entrepreneur with a similar (sort of) idea:


This one's for Internet fight fans who like to gamble

Online gamblers who are also fight fans are the target market for a new Internet enterprise launched this week by Houston hospitality industry entrepreneur Sean Kreuger (35).

Branded Internet Mobster, Inc. or "iMob", Krueger came up with the idea of having an online interactive game that allows players to "fight for cash".

His inspiration was popular mobster style games on Myspace and Facebook, says Kreuger. "I could not believe so many people were getting upset when a player would loose $10 000 virtual money in a fight," he said, adding that the idea triggered the concept of organising interactive fight games with betting in real money.

"One day I literally said out loud, why am I so excited? I did not win or make real money. Within seconds I shouted 'But what if I did?" Sean Krueger recalls.

Armed with his idea of having the world's first online Mobster game that allows players to 'Fight for Cash', Kreuger teamed up with graphic designers and web-savvy businessmen, who immediately grasped the potential of the concept.

"It was the perfect fit, my skills are geared toward marketing and operating corporations, Jammie Hawkins' skills are geared toward intense graphic designs, and Steve Edwards' skills lie in programming, said Kreuger.

In November of 2008 the design and creation of Internet Mobster began. On February 10th of 2009 an ownership company was legally formed as a Texas C-Corp, with the three men as equal partners.

Internet Mobster emerged from the efforts of the three men as an online interactive game that allows players to earn XP points and credits by completing missions and investing in virtual real estate.

Players use the earned XP points and credits to purchase weapons, increase energy, stamina and heal themselves after a battle. The unique feature that separates Internet Mobster from any other online shoot 'em up is the ability to fight rival players where the winner takes a portion of the loser's real money.

The outcome of the game relies solely on skill and talent through a combination of weapons, defense, health points, stamina, and the total skill set of members who join a player's mob.

Internet Mobster is a game that allows players to fight for real cash in a skill game that skirts US laws against games of chance. In order to comply with both Federal and State laws, the operator has adopted the laws that govern U.S. based online tournaments where cash and prizes are provided to the winner based upon skill.