What do you look for before promoting a casino? Who performs best for you?


RIP Colin
Jan 28, 2016
Been wondering this for a while, obviously some affiliates just promote every casino under the sun, good or bad, but some are selective. I like to think I'm selective.

Skyvegas is by far my best performing affiliate program, with Gday/21Prive quickly gaining ground on them, which is no mean feat as i've been promoting SV for 5 years, as opposed to Gday for about 12 months.

I have accounts at all the casinos I promote and won't touch any that have annoyed me for anything serious, or any I see too many complaints about on here and other forums. I also have dummy accounts at most, will never deposit at any of them, but the reason I have them is to see what they do to get customers who have signed up and not deposited to actually make a deposit. So I can see acquisition and retention policies first hand. I don't think its a coincidence that the 2 mentioned above have pretty much the best acquisition and retention policies out of all I've tried, sending regular bonuses by email. I also tend to stay away from brands that have market saturation too, Coral, William Hill, Betfair etc are almost impossible to convert these days.

Other casinos I have tried with and failed, and I can never understand why they don't push more to get deposits. Slotty Vegas for example, I pushed them for 3 months, got 143 new customers, 3 FTD, of which all have made ONE deposit! Compare that to Gday, 65 new customers this month, with 10 FTD, 8 of who have made over 3 deposits. Gday send deposit bonuses at least once a week, Slotty - well I can't remember the last promo email I got from them on either my account I have deposited with quite a lot, or the dummy account. Videoslots is another I find impossible to covert, despite giving them a high level of coverage at one point, and singing their praises much more than anyone else.

How about high rollers, has anyone been lucky/unlucky enough to get any? I've got one guy who I wouldn't call a high roller but he regularly bets over £3k a month on skybet, but 9/10 times ends up roughly even, off couple of hundred either way sometimes. In December I had a guy sign up to Gday and lose £5k in a week, but he's only lost about £500 since then, so presumably that was a one off.

Was just interested in how others think about these things. :thumbsup:

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