What credit card is good for gambling.


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Apr 1, 2006
Hi all,

I have played online for almost 2 years now, but for the last 2 years I used mainly moneybookers and firepay. However, there are many good sportsbook/casino sites that only allow using creditcard like visa/mastercard
as the deposit methods. Do you guys know which which credit card can be used for depositting. All the cards i have does not allow me to deposit directly due
to the gambling ban on the card from the bank. All the regular credit cards I have don't work. I also have a prepaid Visa-electron from epassporte but it does not work either. Is it possible to obtain such a card in the State that can be used for online gambling like a prepaid card. I think somebody must sell some prepaid card than can do it but don't know where. Thanks
A well-known prepaid debit card in the U.S. is called ecount. It can be used at merchants that accept MasterCard. I don't know if it's ever been successfully used for online gambling, but you could try inquiring about their policies.

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I'm surprised you say there are so many gambling sites that only take credit/debit card payment though. This would really make it difficult for them to attract U.S. customers.
You'll be surprised!

sdaddy said:
I'm surprised you say there are so many gambling sites that only take credit/debit card payment though. This would really make it difficult for them to attract U.S. customers.

There are quite a few that really push Credit Cards as the preferred option, and one or two that don't really support much else. CON and Grief Club actually have a "we hate Neteller" clause in their terms, whereby players who use Neteller have some very harsh terms imposed on ANY bonuses and tournament prizes. There has never been an explanation for this, and this is the total opposite to the norm where most casinos try their best to get players onto Neteller because it is cheaper for the casino to handle.

Players in the states do not really have the card option, and where they do it is often down to a bit of "creativity" in how the site identifies itself to the card company.
Surely a credit card with a horrendous limit is ideal for online gambling. :thumbsup:

Joking aside, i think most casinos (especially in the UK) prefer debit cards more than anything else. They pay much less in commission to VISA and MASTERCARD. DINERS and AMEX are the most expensive cards to take, but I don't think you can gamble with these directly.

As a retailer, the charges we have to pay each month are astronomical. The CC companies really take the p**s.
Netspend has a prepaid MasterCard debit card which I've used for 3 years and it's never been declined. It's backed by a bricks and mortar bank in Texas and some casinos will ACH withdrawals to it (the ones that don't require a copy of an actual check). They have many ways to fund the card. They also allow card-to-card transfers. www.netspend.com
Why don't you try neteller?

Neteller is still the most convenient online payment system in my opinion.

Another question....

Thank you all for your replies, I would give netspend a shot.

I have one more question, instead of posting another thread, i think it is more convenience to post them here in the same thread.

Many casinos/sportbooks also prefer bank transfer as a payout option (ie Interwetten...). If you look at their bank transfer payout form, there will be
a required field called IBAN. In the States, people only need ABA(routing number) and the account number to do a wire transfer. I have called my bank customer service once, and maybe i was unlucky to be served by clueless fellow, it seems the customer service guy has no idea about IBAN. IBAN is widely used in Europe but not in US. Do any of you guys be in the same situation and figure out what need to be done for the bank transfer ? Thank you.
Credit cards that work

There is 1 more that seems to work so far and cheaper to fund than netspend, give ya a hint one that is issued by WU ;)

I had looked at the WU debit card and, based on my pattern of usage, it was more expensive overall than using Netspend. And with their very clear rules about not using WU or it's prepaid debit card for gambling transactions, I personally wouldn't want to risk my funds with WU.

Netspend funding can be very cheap, in fact, free. I have a portion of my pay check ACH'd to the card so there is no loading/funding fee whatsoever. It's $2 to put cash on the card in person. Also, I chose an optional monthly fee (under $7 a month) for unlimited transactions (purchases, ATM withdrawals). My monthly costs are less than a traditional bank account (and I use it a lot!)

My advice is to visit the different vendor web sites and read their fee structures. Calculate the costs based on your anticipated usage and then select the best deal for you.

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