What casinos has the best bonus terms

I don't know how to value a good bonus, but my personal favourite is Harrod's.

They have very unique ongoing weekly promotions and they pay fast.

I like the promotion where you deposit GBP50 and play GBP500 worth of bets in Baccarat and if after the promotion ends, you are in a loss, you will be refunded your losses up to GBP 50! (theoretically you won't lose)

Also, they have the game Ties Win Blackjack from the Wizard of Odds. Quite a simple game with low house edge.

My only complaint is of the lack of comps. But I'd rather have a fair game then have comps.
Lord_Have_Mercy said:
that one would consider signing up for? With fair wagering requirements and good reputation!

By and large the better the bonus (with some exceptions of course) the less reputable the casino.

Club Player casino for example will offer 200% bonuses to their players on a weekly basis, which turn out to be D$5,000 B$10,000 wager $700,000 on 21 Games or Video Poker, and $375,000 on anything else.

Obviously if they were as reputable as a casino such as 32Red, Intercasino, or Casino-on-Net, you could make a living doing these bonuses. I mean hell, Joker Poker as a player advantage, and C21 has such a small element of risk that a 50xD+B wagering requirement isn't a turn off (except the fact you'd have to play around 75,000 hands.)

Of course, anyone "smart" enough to tie up that much money and time at Club Player (for example) and expect to get paid, isn't exactly one sharp cookie.

A good bonus is a bonus that you won't have to get into a fight with the casino over later. Although some of the reputable casinos don't have the "best" bonuses (Casino-on-Net's wagering requirement is $10,000 if you deposit with Neteller, 32Red only has a 20% Match, Intercasino is max at $90 etc.) they're the bonuses you're not going to get into a fight over, and tend to have less complicated terms. Many Playtechs have 200% or higher match bonuses, but exceedingly complicated terms. Many Microgaming casinos have up to 400% Matches, but allow only slots. Some casinos will have excellent bonuses that "allow" Video Poker, but not until you go to play do you realize the JoB machine is 7/4.

If you're looking for good software with full 100% matches and uncomplicated terms, I'd go with a casino out of the English Harbour group. They don't allow Blackjack or Multi-Hand video poker, but from what I understand I don't believe that if you play these you will void your bonus. I believe it just does not count towards to wagering requirement. They've got lots of casinos that cater to different types and levels of gambler-and I personally have never had any trouble with them at all. Thier new software isn't half bad either. And if you make a mistake and withdrawal early (before meeting the wagering requirement) they'll just reverse the withdrawal, no tyranical seizing of your bonus, winnings, balance, house, and firstborn.

There are reputable Playtechs as well, perhaps a casino such as Sports Interaction, or Bet 365. They've got some good deals, and a reputation to back it up.

By and large stay away from the huge bonuses that seem too good to be true. If it seems like the casino should be going broke offering a promotion, rest assured they're not really offering the promotion as it seems ... because they're sure as hell not willing to go broke over it.

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