What casino/poker are your favorites? And which one was your worst experience?


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Nov 14, 2008
Hi. Would like to know what you guys thinks are the best and which one/ones are the worst and why.

Can start with me. After trying loads of casinos and pokersites for 4 years, I ended up with 2 favorites.

Favorites: Partygaming and 3dice casino.

Party, for their quick and friendly support and quick cashouts, and fun games.:thumbsup:

I had never heared about 3dice, untill I saw a post in here saying they were good. So I registered, and Im very happy with this place. Friendly staff, quick cashout, and a very friendly chat amongst users. Great place to gamble.:thumbsup:

My worst experience: Mansionpoker
I requested a 200$ cashout that was declined several times, despite me showing ID. They never said why my id was not good enough. After 4 weeks I gave up, tilted away my 200$ and requested a closure of my account. That took 11 days and 4 emails to do.

So whats your favorites? I would like a 3rd favorite casino to play in:)


Aug 20, 2007
Right now my favorites are Intercasino and Ladbrokes. The thing I most value in a casino is quick payouts with no pending withdrawals. A credit card withdrawal should only take 2-3 days which Intercasino succeeds with even if it's a weekend.

My worst casino experiences are Kiwi casino and Bet Royal casino. Both of them are in the rogue pit so I don't feel bad mentioning their names here. I just want to add that I got paid from both of them but it took weeks and daily contact with their support.


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Jun 20, 2006
I don't know about best or worst, but one good casino I don't see mentioned around here is Club Hollywood. Very friendly and professional support. Playtech software.

Another favorite is Ladbrokes because of their generous promotions :D


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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
I'm with Kmay....you can't find a better casino than 32Red, out of any of the softwares. They have top notch support (live chat, phone support and email replies in 15 minutes or less), regular monthly bonuses (larger if you get into Club Rouge), double loyalty points for Club Rouge members, Microgaming software (my personal favourite) and cashouts seven days a week.

In addition, in the very rare case that support can't handle anything that arises....you have access through the forum here to most of the top level staff at 32Red/Dash (their sister casino). Ed Ware (CEO), Pat Harrison (Director of Operations) and Mark (Marketing Director) are just a few that are here regularly, and will answer PM's and also any questions you may have. Just the fact that in all the years they've been in business I don't remember reading any horrific stories of winnings denied because of "bonus abuse", or any other such silly stuff...speaks volumes about the way they run their operation. It's clean, it's transparent, and it can't be beat. I've always wondered when I read some of the posts here, why anyone who CAN play there, ever plays at any other MG casino. Besides more bonuses I guess...that's the only draw I can think of.

Christ, I sound like a shill, don't I? :rolleyes: :laugh:

I haven't had alot of bad experiences while gambling online....but I've been lucky for one, and fairly smart for another...in choosing where I play. I guess my worst experience was probably at ClubWorld. They are a good casino, no complaints....just in case anyone gets the wrong idea. I just got caught by a stupid term in their T&C's, which they have now changed by the way. I cashed in $10 worth of comp points, and proceeded to win over 1K with them....only to find out that (at that time), they had a 10X max cashout on comp points. So I was only eligible to cashout $100. It sucked. :laugh:

Took a while, but a discussion about it came up on this forum some time later...and the casino removed this term from their T&C's, which IMO....is the mark of a good casino. One that listens to its customers. It was just my bad luck that I won on those comp points, and not on a deposit. No different than someone winning a random jackpot on a no deposit chip at an RTG. It happens. So, when I read some of the horror stories on here....I can't help but feel pretty lucky that the one I've posted above is my worst.

My advice is to find those two or three casinos that you like, maybe one from each software....and stick with them. I don't see the need to try out a bunch of different casinos, and spread my play out. I've found that since I've stuck with the three I have (32Red, 3Dice and Inetbet), I'm much happier. And they haven't overlooked my loyalty to them either. I'm never forgotten at times like my birthday (coming up soon...hint, hint :D ) and Xmas. Loyalty is a two way street.

And that's my two and a half cents worth. :thumbsup:


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May 4, 2006
1. Ladbrokes. Mainly because of fast withdrawals without pending times. And usually there is at least some sort of promo.

2. 32Red. Good monthly (CR) and the best support.

3. Intercasino. See Ladbrokes, altough the promos have been worse as of late. And the Log Viewer is simply fantastic.


1. Vegas Poker Casino. 9 months to get a withdrawal. To be fair it was their processor (Proc-Cyber) to blame. But still

2. SimonSays. Stalling tacticts, incomplete T&Cs, incompetent staff etc.

And an honorable mention goes to Casino Rewards. The amount of spam..
Edit: I have never recived a spam from my top 3, a big +.


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Jan 15, 2009
best and worst (my 2cents)

Best Ladbrokes and Towergaming - great pay outs and customer service and good selection of games.

VIPcasino - bad news won but no cash out ever:mad:
Absolute Slots - lots of run around had to contact CS 5 times before money got paid out. Don't like the feel of this casino (just personal preference)


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Aug 31, 2008
Best Casinos:

  • 32Red Group
  • Jackpot Factory Group
  • Canbet Casino
  • Bet365 Casino
  • CentreBet Casino
  • William Hill (all casinos of them)

Worst Casinos:

  • Class 1 Casino
  • Brandy Casino
  • Perla Casino


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Mar 13, 2008
I must recommend 32Red, and the slotmeister tourney is a little something extra for the slotplayer. They also offer a Poker Room, and the MG software seems okay, but the only ones I have played are freerolls or CM invitations.

Even though not CM accredited, I used to love Slotocash, the best of the Rivals IMO, but they have withdrawn from the Canadian market.

I'd love to try out the casinos from Wagerworks, but I don't think any accept Canadians, and I can't even play freemode anymore, but they have games familiar to any land-based casino players.


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Apr 13, 2009
My favorite casino's are Ladbrokes, PartyCasino and 32Red. Fast pay-outs (especially PC), supportive customer services and nice promotions. I don't like Coral. I always get the feeling the whole thing is rigged as f*ck. Of course, this is a feeling and I can't prove it. I just have some bad experiences there :oops:

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