What casino did you have your biggest win at?

177k AUD back in 2015 @ 32red (still miss this casino to this day and hate our Aussie laws which made Microgaming pull out in 2017) on a $30 bet on Immortal Romance, only 2 of the 15 boxes weren't wild and the single spin paid 175k on the Sarah Feature.

Have tried so many ridiculously bigger bet sizes and landed features since at casinos that still allow AU since and never had a win bigger than 20k in a single feature.
4000x (50p spin) on Track and field mouse at one of the old microgaming download casinos (I forget which one)
second biggest: 3146x (20p) on Gigantoonz a few weeks ago @ virgin games
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30K win at KingBilly Casino in my online slots gambling infancy it was actually my 1st deposit at an online casino and somehow cleared my

wagering requirements for the $20 I invested and managed to turn my deposit plus 100% match bonus so about $40 into $300 and was betting $3

a spin and accidentally increased it to $9 and I didn't realise until I noticed my balance had grown by a few extra digits.

Screenshot 2021-09-17 6.32.47 AM.pngAfter the shock had dissipated I came to the conclusion that I would probably never see the money anyway I proceeded in finding slots with the

biggest bet amounts allowed and spent about 10K on $250 a spin bets which then netted my about 14k at which point I phoned the friend who

introduced me to online casinos and was told to stop for the night and re assess the situation in the morning and had my 33K in my bank account

(well back to my credit card when this was still allowed) in about 4 days with no problems encountered.

Then spent about 3 months giving a good portion of my win back to the casino without so much as a minimum withdrawal amount of $500 won

and I've never made another withdrawal there weirdly.

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