What are your two favorite casino's? and your worst ? Why?


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Nov 24, 2003
FAVORITE #1 Caesars gold online---fast payouts and I have hit several Royal flushes here, so I know it is possible. Good game selection

FAVORITE #2 Any Casino that uses Starnet Software. Only because I have hit some $20,000 Royal flushes and got paid!!!!
Worst #1 Island Casinos___ Because they are thiefs, crooks, and dishonest. They do not pay winners..

Worst #2 Showdown Casino--Software ate $70.00 one time, customer service is pathetic.

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any casino can be traced through the credit card merchant contact your card issuer and dispute thecharges they will instantly tell who the recipitant of any transaction are even if they are hiding behind a merchant no merchant honest or dishonest is going to risk the rath of visa or mastercard
1st Best: CASINO-ON-NET... The simply PAY YOU on time... Any problem in money? they solve it...
Odds are good... You can get up to unbeleiveable amounts of 2 or 3 thousand from only $500 purchase (roulette) *Odds are good

2nd Best: CASINO-ON-NET... Did not find any other comparable to it...
This CASINO HAS some real features I could not find them in others.. If you find them I will go and play there.
The features are: 1. In roulette you can spin the ball without placing any bet--<, this is imporatnt if you are playing a system

2. They are honest they pay you.. No charges on Wire trnafer or bankdraft or credit card withdrawal.

3. They accept Western Union (I do like to play on credit)

4. They do not ask you to supply a security code to withdraw money. (most casinos ask you to supply a security code which is mailed to you after 14 days from starting yor account.. which means you cannot withdraw YOUR OWN money!!!! unless you receive this code!!! WHAT is this???)

5. They are liscensed.

6. They provide Multiplayer

7. Fast Support (E-mail requests answer takes from 1 minute to 15 minutes)

8. Support Friendly (Never became rude)

9. Single Zero Roulette.

I have never found any internet casino that combine these 3 features( 1. 3. 4. 9.)
I bet any one to find such a casino and I will go and play there!

WORST Casinos: All others. (some are good.. but to me and since I prefer not to use a credit card, and since they are all rigid in that they ask you to place a bet, and won't spin the ball in roulette unless you place a bet.. I see that this is a very rigid thing.. so they are all BAD)
One Casino, called Goldclub you can spin the ball there without placing a bet, but if you want to withdraw money from your account, or even withdraw your own money that you bought chips with, you have to wait 14 days until a security code is MAILED by regular mail to you and then withdraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough)
OK Yanni
My favorites, actually 3 are
Casino on Net=reliability,quick payouts
Casino Magique=reliability,payouts slow
Intercasino=reliability,unequaled online statement

The worst:
Lots of others, but I would highlight
Grand Dominican=impossible to win at BJ
USA Casino=impossible to win period!
Dear Anonymous , do you know that someone from Singapore actually won $100K ( from $4K up )in Blackjack at USA Casino. You can read all about it at their site.
Timothy: That is simply amazing. Did your friend win it all at one go and does he have any tips on playing at USA casino?
Thanks Anonymous for your support. I will try CASINO MAGIQUE and POST RESULTS...

Dear Timothy,

Casino Magique is Outdated URL (Invalid)
They use Microgaming software
At this time they only payout via credit card chargebacks, and registered mail....no wire transfers.
Best - Haven't Found one yet

Worst - With out exception it is Atlantic Interbet. They do not pay winners, they have a TON of shills that play the games to make it LOOK like people are winning. Claims of 1000's of dollars going to winners every day, I mean PLEASE. There is an old saying, if it sounds to good to be true, then... you know.
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I know nothing about Businness Casino at Bizland.com. As far as Rags to Riches, we all know Steve owns it, and it uses Starnet software, so its very good.

My favorite software is:

I am still deciding whether or not to give Microgaming my own personal seal of approval,
but after having a $4000 win at Mapau, and getting good cust service there, I am very close to adding them to my list.

My worst casino experience is without a doubt:
Atlantic Interbet - Stay far, far away from
this casino - I have been burned there. I have never once been ahead of the game, and my blackjack losses were constant and ongoing.
I know of several others that have played there
consistantly, and have not won. If anyone that regularly posts here has won at Atlantic Interbet,
please let me know.

While I am not a regular poster here, I do read it occasionally. I have, in fact both won and been paid by Atlantic Interbet. Now, granted, I only play video poker, and usually only Deuces Wild at that, but I have had several quad deuces and have twice hit a Royal Flush (once it was dealt). I have cashed out, and received the proper credits to my card. It did take a little longer than I thought it should (about a week) but I got the money.

I have heard that the odds on BJ there are not as good as elsewhere, but as far as VP goes, it I have tracked thousands of hands, and it appears to be a fair game.

Hope this helps,
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