What are your favorite casinos... and why?


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Apr 24, 2005

Hello fellow forum members,

Listening to the Casinomeister's most recent webcast more times than I should have (always exciting though), gave me the idea about finding out more about what other forum members perceive as being:

a) Their favorite casinos.

Mixed-in with (trying to be unbiased)...

b) The best casinos.

Which could be based on a wide-range of factors such as:

- Customer Support
- Bonuses
- Promotions
- Casino layout & design
- Reputation
- Payouts (honesty and promptness)
- Comps
- Luck factor

I was going back and forth whether or not I should do this, but I thought it would be fun (and we can all do with more fun threads). I'd love to hear about what are some of your favorite casinos, and why you like them. While some of those who post here list their favorites in their public profile, others don't. So again, I welcome you to participate and add to this thread.

So to kick this thread off, I'll list the 10 casinos I like the most (or feel are the best).

Where do I start?

a) Pat Harrison - The man changed my perspective of the online gaming industry. Some people do care, and he's one of them.

b) Customer Support - The best in the industry IMHO. Trident Lounge is also quite good, ditto Bet365 and RoxyPalace (and a few others). But I still find this operation offers the best customer support.

c) Fast payouts - Sure there are others who offer instant, but getting my money back (generally) inside of 24-hours w/flushing option is great. You'll never lose sleep as to whether or not you'll get your winnings.

d) Club Rouge - Okay, you got to get in first, but this is THE best club around. I suppose the Crypto's come close as far as offering monthly match bonuses. But the comps for Club Rouge members are also quite good.

e) Ed Ware - I don't deal with Ed Ware, but from all that I know about him, he's one helluva leader. I see this outfit as always striving to gain the players respect (great approach), and eager to constantly try to improve. No casino will ever be perfect, but this is as close to perfect as you're going to see in the now of the online gaming industry.

f) No "Wizard of Oz" hiding behind a curtain - You can even see their pictures/profiles posted on their website. The best we could see before that for all casinos (as far as I know) was a computerized Ryan Hartley. How times change...

g) If I had to use my money to invest in an online casino, this would be the one.

h) I'm certainly not the only forum member who feels this way about this casino. I can think of tim5ny, Slotster, Slotmachine, Simmo! (I'm assuming here), and the mighty Casinomeister himself. And certainly many others that I don't yet (or will ever) know of. There are very good reasons for why so many people put 32Red at the top. The only reason I would have even gone there (because their $32 match wasn't very exciting way-back-when) in the first place, was (solely) because of the positive things people were constantly saying.

Downside: Nothing really. But in my personal experience, I could name a good dozen casinos I've had better luck at. Ignoring my gameplay at 32Red, absolutely everything else about this place is tops in my book. Now, if I could only have some of Slotster's luck rub-off-on-me. :D

Maple Casino

I turned a $10 bonus into a $500 withdrawal at this casino... twice. :D I consistently win here (not always - but consistently). Of course, THAT in itself will most definitely get some pull with my vote. I like the layout of the casino, the Canadian theme... and certainly, the moose. I've generally been paid within 24-72 hours. Not bad at all. I find I like VPL as a whole, and this is their best casino.

Downside: Their customer support should be so much better. How many times does one person have to send and re-send personal information in regards to withdrawals? Okay, those days are thankfully over (lasted 3 dreadful weeks though... tattoed in my brain forever). But, I really feel as though I'm the one having to make sure my withdrawals are being processed. And reversing withdrawals while sliding-in a bonus is NOT a good thing. Thank GOD for the winning though...

Littlewoods Casino

I love this casino. I really do. I like it when it's loading, I like it when I log-in as a real player, and I like the dark-backdrop of it all. Very slick design. They offer a solid monthly match bonus (despite what I've been reading), pretty good comps, and fairly decent customer service. I guess I joined this casino at the right time, with the addition of the Marvel Games and relatively new Bejeweled. I know that Will-Hill and InterCasino get more of a push, but I prefer this slightly underrated establishment.

Downside: Pin Codes and E-Cash. My being in South Korea REALLY makes this a bitch. I know security is a good thing, but c'mon already. :rolleyes:


Two seperate things come-to-mind when thinking about Bet365. The most legitimate (and fastest paying) PlayTech casino. A casino/sportsbook that can rival BoDog and LadBrokes. I avoided this casino at first because they were associated with PlayTech (a software provider I was more than happy to part-ways-with at the beginning of this year). After hearing a couple positive things about them, I figured I'd give them a shot. I don't regret my decision on returning.

While many PlayTech casinos get the negative press they deserve, there are some positives that people seem to overlook. Their comps are amongst the best. Compared to notable affiliates like FL and VPL, they're AWESOME. I like the live games as well. I pretty much hate all online BJ at this point, but I'm quite content with the results from my live-BJ sessions.

Downside: I generally don't like playing with bonuses (aside from the Club Rouge bonus... and UKCasinoClub's), but if you DID want to go to Bet365, I do find their ongoing bonuses for returning players not to be overly good. I really like their live games (in idea), but it would be nice if they could make it MUCH faster. And the interraction between players is non-existent.

Capital Casino

Like Maple Casino, I consistently win here as well. I've also made good on some of their small bonuses deposited into my account. I NEVER hear anything about this casino, and I only recently found-out that they're with Belle Rock Gaming (despite mysteriously never showing-up in BR's very own COOL HAND magazine). I really don't get what's up with that... another time, another day.

This casino is about as generic as you're going to find. They offer decent bonuses, their customer support is relatively prompt and sufficient answering queries. They WILL flush your winnings (on request), and you'll generally be paid within 24-36 hours (even on weekends :thumbsup: ).

This is the one MG casino I ALWAYS feel like whenever I deposit (and after playing for a while), that I have a great shot at winning something.

Downside: Despite withdrawing MANY times, and despite sending MANY emails, they occasionally ask me to re-send my queries while providing my full name, date of birth, and username. That's fine, but they have it all on record, and because I play there so often, it's a nuissance having to go along with useless formalities. Besides that, again, this casino isn't that exciting or pleasing to the eyes (but I don't care really).

VegasUSA Casino

I'm crazy about that "Lawrence Welkesque" intro music (sounds like late '50s/early '60s JAZZ for old timers... love it!). Their customer support is amongst the best in the business. While I have yet to meet anyone on 32Red's level of niceness (customer support), this is the closest amongst the MG casinos that I can think of (though the Jackpot Factory group is also very nice). Their bonuses and ongoing promotions are decent. The stamps are fine, but that's quite a few purchases at a minimum of $50 to make in order to get a freebie. I generally like the underrated operations, and I feel that out of the trifecta of Trident Lounge, King Neptune's & VegasUSA, VegasUSA gets the middle-child level of attention.

Downside: I SUCK here, and at all the Virtual Casinos. Really, I do. If I could select two casinos I would most want to win at, it would be at 32Red and here.


They sent me a special invitation promo in the mail (3 times), I claimed it, and I withdrew a substantial amount each time. They haven't sent me one since, and I can't blame them. I also do well here (just behind Capital Casino and Maple Casino). Nothing overly noteworthy (or overly memorable aside from my wins), just a solid casino IMO.

Downside: Tsk-tsk, no more "special invitations". :( "We coulda' gone to the moon baby!"

Roxy Palace Casino

I know that this casino is high on many forum members list, and it's easy to understand why.

- Prompt payouts
- Good customer service
- Decent bonuses
- One of the better MG casinos around

Downside: No live chat (but they do respond VERY quickly via email). I'm by no means a Matisse, but I find their homepage relatively ugly. For being such a great casino, they could invest more time in making it look better.

Sci-Fi Casino

They've always been nice to me. Their customer support has been one of the most upbeat and generous that I've come across. It's surprising that they're an RTG unit (with brother/sister BreakAway). For many years, I thought it was Sci-Fi that was THE best and pretty much only respectable RTG casino. Prior to becoming a member at this forum (or even the months prior to just visiting without being a member), I assumed that Sci-Fi was amongst the Top-5 online (grossing) casinos. Guess I was way-off.

Downside: Despite having pleasant experiences with this casino, I've heard other things about them (not always paying-out). And although it's not just them, cursed RTG's and their darned fax-back forms. What bogus!!

Casino-On-Net (888.com)

I've taken people's advice and played at Harrods, and personally, I still feel that in all of my online BJ experiences, that 888.com still offers the best BJ game around. Again, I'll only play live games now, but IF I did want to play against the computer, I'd go here. Always nice bonuses (I used to get secret bonuses put in my account on a bi-weekly basis). This was my first online casino, and when I first started playing online, it most certainly had to be THE BIGGEST one around (remember all the advertising/web-banners for this casino 3-4 years ago... literally everywhere).

Downside: Geez, for being king of the online realm for so many years, you'd think you could have better graphics. Also, the payouts are TOO slow. Unacceptable.

Sidenote 1: Imagine had Ed Ware and Pat Harrison had been put in charge of 888.com just 2-years ago. That would have been a MONSTER casino. With all that power, list of clients, assets, and put those minds in charge... WHEW!!!


Other notable casinos:

Intercasino: I actually didn't like this place originally and specifically because of it's FAR TOO streaky BJ, but my mistake. Despite my ealier experiences of prompt losing and no responses to queries, I sent an email to Ryan Hartley (the "Mark Cuban" of online managers) and he was quite kind, and gave me a sweet B-Day bonus. I would expect this casino to be moving up this list by next year.

777Dragon Casino: Another VPL casino I've had luck with. I like dragons. Perhaps, next year will be the year of the dragon.

Royal Dice Casino : Back in my '02-04 phase, this casino was my bitch. Absolutely. I owned this casino. Hmmm, the old days. One of those casinos that'll only pay you a maximum of $16,000 per month of your winnings.

BreakAway Casino: Same as Sci-Fi.

Casino Classic: Like Capital Casino, lost in a shuffle of oh-so-many nicer looking (and much flashier) MG casinos. I've always felt lucky at this casino. Will be going back sooner than later.

FirstWebCasino: Cheezy cool, just like VegasUSA. Was this actually THE first casino on the internet? I always assumed that it was.

Sidenote 2: I can't explain this any better than this, but FirstWebCasino and the layouts on the mainpage remind me of:

I - Going shopping at SAFEWAY with my mom when I was young.

II - Watching "The Price Is Right" with Bob Barker (ahem, excuse me, THE Bob Barker, winner of 12 Daytime Emmy awards).

III - Playing Monopoly$.

IV - Those old cartoons shown at the drive-in theatres before and between a double feature.


Well, that's my list. I'm eagerly awaiting your responses... :)

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You're not working at the moment are you John?
You must be sooooooo board to keep writing all this stuff.
Never mind - I love it - keep it coming! :thumbsup:

My favourites, and why:-
Will Hill: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
Intercasino: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
32Red: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
HardRock: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
Spin Palace: Good regular bonuses with sensible WR.
Ladbrokes: Good occasional bonus with excellent WR.
My favorite is Omni

While the cards can be streaky (both positive and negative), the customer support is top notch, and I have never had a payout take more than 24 hours (and I've had payouts of more than 10k). Also, if you make it to VIP status, they really take care of you. I've had the VIP Manager throw a couple of hundred dollars into my account without asking, when he saw I had taken a hit the night before.
i agree with these, id say 32 red is my number one casino, then scifi and inetbet. I really only play 2 micro casinos 32 red and vegas splendido, they offer all sorts of coin denominations for the cool games :)
Giant Vegas?

Isn't this the same people that brought us Kiss Casino and denied payments in the thousands of $$ with every posible reason?
Software has changed has the owners?


Roxy Palace
My first choice. Have had my biggest wins (and losses) there. They give me nice bonus money too. Only problem is cashouts seem to take too long especially when you cashout on the weekend.

32 Red
Just started playing there again this month due to the Slot competition here. Made a few big wins so that makes me happy. The cashouts said there bieng prosecced already! Hasnot even been 24 hours like most Micro casinos. If there cashout beats Roxys by two day I might play there much more.


Like there monthly bous. Sometimes will toss in $100 or $200 without the bonus to play some of there slots like Love Bugs. Good all around casino.

William Hill
This is my luckiest casino. Seems like they just want to give me oney. Bad news is there support and sometimes withdraws take a eek and you cannot gte a reply. So I do not play there much


Only RTG I play in. I never in always lose. Emily sends me $10 or $20 bucks sometimes so I go play that then deposit and lose some more =/

I did cashout once and it was fast =)
Nice to meet ya', c'ya!!!


Hmmm, methinks you're going to be banned in a few minutes or so. I see that he JUST posted. It's now 11:35 AM here in South Korea...

It's surely going to be two banned posters already. Funny about the one from Royal Dice. Geez, how odd? Royal Dice customer support operates out of Australia. What a coincidence!


You're not working at the moment are you John?
You must be sooooooo board to keep writing all this stuff.
Never mind - I love it - keep it coming!

I do work KK (lol). Actually, I do have lots of fun writing this stuff (keeps me centered, or for you Brits, centred), just as I enjoy reading many of your quick-wit replies. Always keep those coming! (Cheers!)

John Steed

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naaaa i dont think he will be banned, it wasnt an affiliate link, and even though i never played there (in chinese) i heard good things
You guys crack me up, lol. Hmmmmm, you said to keep it unbiased, but gonna be hard for me. My best casino in terms of customer support, prompt payouts and overall enjoyment is 32RED (yeah I know big surprise, lol). As JohnSteed said, Pat Harrison has changed my overall view of online gaming/establishments considerably (in a favourable way). This is the ONLY casino I have ever played at that has a dose of humanity mixed in.

The remainder of my list in no particular order......Roxy Palace (quickest email support I have ever experienced), the Grand Prive Group (my first group of casinos I ever played at), the Jackpot Factory Group (not too happy with them lately, but not their fault really....I can blame an a**hole ex-husband with an agenda to make my life miserable - long story), and I used to really like Vegas Partner, but like Bellerock, their email support is almost non-existent and that turns me right off.

As for RTG, don't play that much, but if I did, my choice would be SciFi and Breakaway. As for Playtech, don't play there anymore. I really like Lasseters as well, but again, just haven't played there in awhile.


naaaa i dont think he will be banned, it wasnt an affiliate link, and even though i never played there (in chinese) i heard good things...

My Mistake. :D


liquidsoap, as you know, I too like Sci-Fi casino, why do you like them so much? Just curious, seeing how you're one of the few who mentions them here at this forum. :)

I meant to add to my post above that if CM has a vote for most interesting forum member, JohnSteed has my vote, lol. JS, you start the most informative, interesting threads....nice break from reading all the negative stuff that gets posted all the time. :)
Sometimes good/sometimes bad...



....nice break from reading all the negative stuff that gets posted all the time.

Gulp, please ignore my negative thread about Phoenician then. :oops: :D :oops:

Thank you VERY much for your kind words Pinababy69. :)

Note-to-self: Forgot to add Pinababy69 amongst THE die-hards who go to 32Red. Oversight on my part.

Note-to-self: Forgot to add Pinababy69 amongst THE die-hards who go to 32Red. Oversight on my part.

Guess I'll let it slide this time...hee hee hee. :D
32Red - know how to treat you right
Roxy Palace - prompt payments and more monthly bonuses than you can shake a stick at

Coming up behind:

King Neptunes - only joined cos of the Slot Junkies comps but they are impressing me lots so far. Great communication and lots of good promo ideas. Spear always told me they were good and he should know i guess.
I have never been very lucky at online casinos, so I don't rate them according to how much luck I've had at a particular casino. My biggest single wins have been at Cherry Casino and 32Red, and my only Royal at 32Red, and the rest of my online gambling has been rather unremarkable as far as big wins, especially during the past 6 months or so. But that's to be expected. Anyway I think you're the luckiest where you play the most. It's the lure that's in the water that brings in the big fish, eh? The ones in the box don't do much good. But I digress (surprise...)

I really only play at 32Red. I mean >90% of the time. Now and then I deposit $10-$100 in some others, but whenever I've got a larger wad of e-cash (not very often) I ALWAYS deposit at 32Red. It's a matter of trust. My reasons:

1. I trust them. I believe that my money is safe there (apart from me gambling and losing it all of course :oops:). I know that if I should win $10,000 (yeah, right:rolleyes: ), I wouldn't need to lose sleep over whether I'd be paid or not.

2. Their customer support is top-notch. I always get a friendly response to my e-mail queries within 15-30 minutes. I think they've become very popular these days, it used to be less than 15 minutes. Anyway, 30 minutes is OK in my book. They also have an instant chat option, always respond within a couple of minutes, and you can ask them to credit a bonus instantly or flush a cash-in or whatever, they'll do it right away. IMO, a working INSTANT CHAT system is extremely important.

3. I have never read a legitimate complaint about 32Red anywhere.

Of course, being a Club Rouge member helps, because they give you a nice monthly match etc. I don't actually even gamble that much $$, I would probably not be a VIP in any other casino, but 32Red haven't thrown me out of CR yet!

Apart from trusty ol' 32Red, I sometimes deposit at:

Lasseters (I love the fact that they have the individual slot machine payout percentages posted). They have a good support, with instant chat, and they have cool slots. I've never made a withdrawal there:( so I don't know how that works. I know that the first withdrawal is cheque only. They did give me a free $10 when I complained that I never win anything worth withdrawing there:D Much good that did me... anyway, I like Lasseters for a variety of reasons. No-download is a bonus as I have a Mac :)

Cherry Casino - I've won biggish there (Keno, mind you) and they proceeded with the withdrawal in a timely manner. No complaints. I don't like their automatic 30% monthly bonus as I always forget to tell them I don't want it, and their slots are boring, but they do have that new 8-liner which can keep you going forever and I suspect it has a very good return %. No-download:thumbsup: I haven't played there recently at all, though.

888.com - I haven't played there recently as their slots are boring, but they do have decent support, and I like the little surprise bonuses they throw your way. I've never withdrawn anything so I don't know how that works. No-download Mac casino:thumbsup:

Geisha Lounge - I like to try the RTG slots now and then, and Geisha Lounge seems to be a decent outfit. The support is slowish, and their software did let me play my balance to minus 150 for some reason, but they did not demand it back :thumbsup: I don't play there regularly though. They're Meister accredited so that's a big plus for them. Never made a withdrawal.

City Club - I opened an account there when they became Meister accredited, and the support seems to be good and they have all sorts of promotions going on. Other than the original $100 deposit I haven't played there though. The no-download Playtech software works nicely on my Mac. They seem a good outfit.

Intercasino - I like the casino but I don't like the e-cash PIN system. I haven't played there recently.

I'd say about 90% of my gambling takes place at 32Red, 5% at Lasseters and the remaining 5% at the others I mentioned.

I'm considering trying out King Neptunes, I've heard they're great, and maybe some other casinos that are participating in Simmo!'s great slot tourney, and maybe Intercasino as well. You rarely hear a bad word about Intercasino.

Geez, is that the time?!?! Gotta run

Just about this & that...



My favourites, and why:-
Will Hill: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
Intercasino: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
32Red: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
HardRock: Good monthly bonus with sensible WR.
Spin Palace: Good regular bonuses with sensible WR.
Ladbrokes: Good occasional bonus with excellent WR.

Curious KK, have Littlewoods decided to let you take part in their bonuses again? I recall you mentioning something about them not allowing you to take part in their promotions anymore, was this due to a great amount of (good) luck? Had they not denied you future bonuses, would they rank amongst your favorite casinos?



I'd say about 90% of my gambling takes place at 32Red, 5% at Lasseters and the remaining 5% at the others I mentioned.

Wow, 90% is a lot! They must love your business. :D I'd say these days, 32Red likely get 25-40% of my monthly deposit money. I like to use a small percentage of that towards a casino I've heard something positive about, and would like to see for myself. While I certainly love putting the bulk of my deposits towards various MG casinos, I find it keeps things fresh to occasionally drift-off to casinos which are powered by different software providers.

I've only heard great things about Lasseters and AusVegas, and while I've deposited there in the past, cashing that 1st check of winnings will be a bitch considering where I'm located. South Korean's PROHIBIT online gambling, and methinks the bank might not let it slide (though they've been kind to me in my years here). Or rather, it'll surely raise some red-flags. Maybe it's just my paranoia. :oops:



I used to really like Vegas Partner, but like Bellerock, their email support is almost non-existent and that turns me right off.

Yes, I agree with your point about their customer support (being "non-existent"). I would most likely lump VPL with FL and BelleRock for relatively poor (relatively poor amongst MG affiliates that is) customer support. The best way to get things done (IMO) with these groups, is to call them direct and not waste time with emails (even though they prefer emails, DESPITE oh-so-many non-replies). Unfortunately, being in South Korea (or likely for EVERY forum member), means that the phone bill is going to be higher at the end of the month (not fun).


Thank you for your replies/posts good people! :) Keep them coming. :thumbsup:

32 RED, because if I say I like them here - they might flick the 'win switch' on for me at Spring Break - because I'm having a NIGHTMARE in the slots competition!!!!!! I mean, come on, these five reeler free spin machines are my bread and butter - and I'm getting anhilated!!!! Heh hee.. Bloomin typical, the one month I need to produce a big win, and I can't hit a barn door from five yards :D

Seriously though - They are head and shoulders above the rest. Like everyone's said... Customer service, transparency, payouts - they just can't be faulted in any regard, and that is something to be enormously proud of.

I play (I'd imagine) more than most - and 32RED will continue to be my main casino of choice.
my favorites:

Inter: What shall I say!?
Omni: Never had any problems, nice RF rate, still VIP though missing the WR from time to time
ukbetting: nothing to complain, nice DB results (I love winnings in Pounds :) )
Littlewoods: nice offers from time to time


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