What are the odds of going up 100-200 units?!


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Apr 28, 2005
:::Notes, Play mode, casinofortune(playtech):::
Ok so I used a modified version of The Wizard's Cancelation betting stradegy
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so instead of trying to gain 10 units I would only try to gain five, so I would start with five 1's and work my way in, if things got out of control I would stop and start over if I got within 5 units of where the series started or 10 units if things got really out of controll, like having 10's written down. So after about an hour of play, betting .10 units so essentially .20 per bet base I was able to turn $20 into $42.35...I know betting systems don't work, so do you think this is luck or something that has less risk than the wizards? does anyone know what the probability of going up 100 units flat betting is?

BTW I think it mainly happened because it's free mode which always seems to let me win...always :rolleyes:
I once played a 32red club rouge monthly.

It was a 132 bonus on a 132 deposit with a 3500 wagering requirement.

After 1750 2 BJ hands I was sitting on over 650.

Not had that happen very often.

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