What are the best online casinos for BLACKJACK?


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Jun 29, 2011
Florida, USA
I want to know which casinos have acceptable playthrough requirements compared to the bonuses that they offer. Do any sites have very favorable rules (surrender available, resplit Aces, etc. Most sites that I have found have roughly a 0.67% casino advantage)? Also, how long do they take to pay back? Are US players able to use the site?

I have found that many sites have crazy policies that make it virtually impossible to come out ahead. Example: 200% bonus, playthrough requirement of 30x (deposit + bonus), cashout up to 10x deposit (a meaningless stipulation), bonus subtracted from cashout. Under these policies you would have to be very lucky to win - see math below.

Deposit = $
Start with 3$ ($ + 2$ which is the 200% bonus)
Must wager 90$ (30x 3$)
Average loss = 0.6$ (0.67% casino advantage x 90$)
Average remaining after minimal playthrough = 2.4$ (3$ - 0.6$)
Average cashout = 0.4$ (2.4$ - 2$ which was the bonus at the beginning that they are now subtracting)
Average profit/loss = LOSS of 0.6$
Therefore, if you deposited $100, you can expect to come away with only $40. If you are going to give away $60, please give it to me.

So far, the best casino that I have found is Gold VIP Club (but they won "Evil Marketing Award 2009 and 2008 by CasinoMeister, so play at your own risk). Their policies are: ~250% bonus, 75x playthrough, US players are allowed. They tend to be slow to pay your cashout (not only was the math on my side, but I got lucky too). They are only paying me $500 at a time, and it is about 2 weeks between each payment, but so far, they are paying.
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I'm actually interested in this too.

Last week I tried the black jack bonus in GR88. For what I remember it had a rollover of x25 (deposit + bonus) and the bonus amount was subtracted too. I made a $50 deposit and it kept me playing for a while but I didn't convert the bonus. I'm having really bad luck lately. We have a saying in Spain: unlucky in games, lucky in love. Needless to say, I don't have luck in none.
I have found that many sites have crazy policies that make it virtually impossible to come out ahead.
Casinos are businesses, not charities; why would you expect them to give away "easy free money" by having player positive terms on their bonuses?
If Blackjack is your game, I suggest playing without bonuses is the best way to go.

Gold VIP are a ROGUE casino - you are playing with fire there... :(
For quicker, more reliable cash-outs, stick to casinos on CasinoMeister's Accredited List.

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I re-read the terms for Gold VIP Club casino. They also say that they will subtract the bonus. Since they are paying out $500 at a time, it will be interesting to see at what point they stop paying. I was lucky enough that even after they subtract off the bonus, I will still have a significant profit.

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