What a surprise!


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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
I make a deposit with a well known RTG and claim a bonus.
The bonus does not arrive so I email them.
I get no reply but the next day my bonus is there.
I play for a few hours up and down but doing ok so I check the cashier which tells me my balance but only has my deposit ammount as withdrawable because I obviously have not met WR yet.
So I play about another 6 or 7 hours and check again, this time it tells me my full balance is withdrawable.Cool Ive met the WR and I'm in front for a change.
I play again a couple of hours more and have a losing streak so I decide to make a cashout.
I receive an email stating I have not met the WR and the money returned to my account.
I ask why it said the money was cashable in the bank?
They said because my bonus code did not work and they deposited my bonus manualy.
Um ok but why did it say it was not all cashable all the time?
Anyway same old same old, so what? I would of only give it them back tomorrow or the next day so I will play and see if I can make the WR.
and guess what?
Yes what a surprise I play a slot and lose the full amount (15 mins) with no features and about a 25% payout :thumbsup:
Wow all those hours of up and down and then......
Now I would of bet my life on that happening, variance accepted ;)


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Let me get this straight:
The casino basically made a mistake, you shrugged your shoulders & played on anyway until you lost...?
And you seem happy about it... :confused:

Seriously mate, why do you gamble at all?



Banned User - repetitive flaming
Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
Why indeed KK.
I am not happy about it, just very used to this sort of thing by now.
I can not say the Casino is in the wrong it is just very unsatisfactory.