What a shocking Saturday


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Well today has left me in doubt whatsoever (not that there was much to start with) that online slotting is hideously rigged. My gameplay in the last 24 hours is like nothing you have ever seen. I wish I had a video of it. Not that anyone would watch it all the way through because it would bore you beyond belief but just to prove how bad it was. I low rolled through £300 at 7 different sites 18p to 50p. Total bonuses 9. If you tried your absolute best to lose it any quicker you couldn’t. My game time and play at Thrills Casino was nothing short of shocking every deposit gone in minutes. That site is a shadow of its former self. It logs me out continuously, I have to switch my phone off and back on to enable me to login and extra chilli still has the error trying to end game message that’s been there for months. The long and the short of it is there is no way it’s possible to be that unlucky unless it’s rigged/ contrived / compensated. Call it what you will but for me it’s a mirror image of FOBTS and the % payout is getting a lot closer to them aswell.


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Yep, it's fair to say we've unfortunately all been subjected to these days, I'm just returning from my slot slumber to find the exact same death streaks and 'tap on/ tap off' gameplay :cool:

Tinfoil or not these wins appear very cyclical, with the losses being shoehorned in clumsily to meet the RTP :D So I'll stick to randomsated given my humble 6 years of slotting :eek:


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Piss-poor sessions are bad as it is. Add to that the errors and you'll seriously consider another hobby. I only play at sites that at least give me smooth gameplay.
Nobody minds losing if it feels fair and square but that just didn’t feel anywhere near it. I mean most of those spins are at 20p so if you consider all the recycled base game wins that’s a hell of a lot of spins for 9 bonuses.


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Yeah, it is unbelievable to lose 200 credits so quickly at such low stakes. I am far too impatient and stake 1-2 when I deposit same amount. But I do try to avoid Bonanza before my balance has reached some 700 (if it does at all).


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Oh no snorky:(, Was just playing on casinocasino and had what you're describing for the most part, I was almost done in a hour but rebounded luckily but back down and quit for the night.


The only thing worse than these sessions is reading another sulk-thread about them.

This happens, it's the expected behaviour of a slot and the sooner you accept that the better.


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Someone always has to lose to enable someone to win, I'm for the most part the someone that loses but I restrict my losses. If I have 3-4 lost deposits in a row now, I step back and stop playing for a few weeks as I am doing now, 9 months of losses taught me it's pointless to keep trying when it's obvious you are on a losing streak :)

Your luck will return :)


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I lost so it's rigged.

Random should mean the game plays well all the time.

They've lowered the RTP because I didn't win.

No. No. And no.
No random means that when you do thousands of spins across 7 different sites on several different games the results aren’t identical. You would also get more mediocrity not the all or nothing scenarios which seem to be the only type of session I ever get.


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If that’s your understanding of random fair enough. It seems inline with your understanding of Russian roulette.
For someone who clearly has no idea how a slot machine works you don't half post a lost of 'factual' statements which are completely false and inaccurate.

You should go and learn how a slot machine actually works otherwise you will be stuck in this purgatory forever.
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In the interest of fairness, it's only right we use this thread to post all those times we got got hammered to near busts in 7 consecutive sessions, only to then go onto amazing winning streaks lasting hours/ days! on all of them!! :D
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