Welcome back.


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Jul 20, 2003
Home, sweet home
Welcome back, Bryan.
Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

It looks like you have a busy day ahead of you. Sorry I join when you are away, but I am very behave, I think. :uhoh:

Thank you for the welcome, too. Have a nice day to you all.


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Jul 21, 2003
Help...SBG Global has stolen $10,000.00 from me!!! After several good (very profitable) weeks in their casino games (craps and blackjack), my account was frozen for "review for possible fraud." Although I was upset, I tried not to worry too much about it since I KNEW that I had done nothing wrong (other than get lucky!); after about ten days or so, I was informed that of the $20,000.00 that had been "frozen," I would be able to access only $10,000.00 - and that would be restricted to use in the sportsbook only. Their postion was that I had "manipulated the games by the way I logged in and out;" they suggested that I won almost every time after logging in; I couldn't believe what I was hearing!!! Basically, they're trying to buy me off, hoping I'll just go away. Boy do they have another thing coming!!! I am attempting to contact Mr. Javani Bruno (of the Costarican Gaming Assn), and plan on spending as much time and money as necessary to be made whole. What are your suggestions, and what do you know of SBG? THANKS!!!



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Jun 30, 1998
Dear mee,

Please fill out the form here:

By the way, Costa Rica does not provide licenses for online casinos. I'm not sure how helpful the Costarican Gaming Association will be.