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May 22, 2012
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OK, you may remember with great amusement when I made a real play video ages back and on WoZ Ruby Slippers my (old) laptop kept repeating the soundbite "you are now a member of the legion of honour" every bastard spin after the feature finished.

OK, have any of you had oddities in your html5 play?

At Trada 3 days ago Raging Rhino was displaying 2x and 3x wilds in the BASE GAME for a few minutes (the pays were correct though).

My latest IGT Ocean Magic video review shows the feature info box appear when I hadn't triggered it which TranceMonkey just pointed out to me on Skype.

On Bonanza I am getting 2 different soundbites often overlaying each other, the inane frantic music starts for the next spin and then retains the win count-up or other sounds from the previous one.

Playtech slots won't even work for me in Chrome, they load after about 3 minutes and take 2 minutes to complete a spin with the processor fan going apeshit, or even to open up a pay-table page, although that could be the usual BS caused by a pissing WIN10 update, Chrome update or Adobe flash.

Has the slotting world gone mad or is it me?


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Dec 13, 2014
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Thank God....I was playing Rhino and I was thinking ‘when did the base game have x3?’. When I told someone their response was you’re imagining it or you were in the free spins. This was in Novibet and it had me doubting my sanity. Not seen it since right enough.

I will now give the Mrs a well deserved ‘I told you I’m not certifiable. Yet’
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Jan 12, 2018
I had a strange 1 at GUTS playing Montezuma. I triggered the bonus and it gave me 15 spins. On the first of these the 3 shields appeared in the same position but no win and didn't give me any additional spins. I also had another weird 1 but can't remember the casino where in the free spins I hit 2 shields but no additional spins then the reels glitched and they changed into the Montezuma symbol. That might not be 100% accurate because I was a bit confused as to what happened. The first 1 however is accurate.


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May 8, 2018
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Yeah I have had the x2 wilds in the rhino base game at coral not long after they switched to the html update version, it made me suspicious because I couldn't trigger the bonus and my foil hat tendencies had me thinking the game won't give me a bonus because it thinks i'm already in the bonus. I went to live chat to tell them but they said it was working fine for them and can I show them any proof, I hadn't taken a screen shot as the pays were normal.

When I got a couple of bonuses on rhino at skyvegas, instead of saying 8 spins at the top it said 5 for one and 7 for the other:

malfunction 1.jpg malfunction 2.jpg

I've had double banjos on bonanza for a while now, it buggers up the bonus music as well. And lots of games have just loaded up with absolutely no sound, I reckon it must be google doing this somehow as I've disabled windows update. Playtake not loading would be a bonus for many, but realise you've got to review them as well. Why are playtech games always in the 'casino' section of sites away from the other providers slots. Its as though they have to be quarantined away from other games with a higher rtp %.
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