Non-Bonus Complaint Weird interpreation of deposit limits (Thrills & Superlenny)


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Apr 8, 2015

I had two weird experiences regarding my deposit limits at Thrills (and SuperLenny).

First thing I usually do after opening an account at an onlicasino is to set a deposit limit. So I did at Superlenny and Thrills few months / years ago. I didn´t play at Thrills for a long time now, but yesterday I did two deposits at Thrills just to try this casino again. Had no luck and today I gave them anoher shot and did a deposit again but the money did not appear in my account. I talked to livechat and there I was told, this happens because of the deposit limit. The money I deposited today exceeds my deposit limit and so it´s now frozen till next month. I have to contact customer support again after the month is over and after that Thrills will put the amount in my account.

I am wondering, why it´s even possible to do a deposit, even if the deposit limit is reached. It´s not a big deal for me now because it´s just a small amount and I am sure, that I´ll get it after the month is over. But this behaviour is not quite thrustworthy. I mean, I do set a deposit limit at casinos just to prevent myself spending too much money. But at thrills it is possible to deposit as much as I want. They don´t prevent players from depositing. The only thing they do, is to prevent people from playing if the deposit limit is reached. The take player´s deposits just to freeze them till the daily / weekly / monthly period is over.

Same thing happened to me at Superlenny few months ago. But there I had only 2 days to wait, till the period was over. But it´s the same thing there....

Did anyone else notice this before? '(did´nt find any Thread about this)

Greets Senfpott

P.S. My english is not the best..... But I think you´ll understand....


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Nov 28, 2010
Unless the casino can justify it and I can't imagine a justification, it's best to assume that the casino has done it because they deem it to be financially advantageous.
A more honest casino would just reject your deposit stating that you have exceeded the deposit limit.