Weird day, and casino gossip...

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May 5, 2006
Costa Rica
Ok , so I've been so busy that I have not even had the time to browse around the meister's forum lately...

I read an article at some other site which was nice... I will speak about it later.

Then I logged here, read some news and until today I checked the meister's news letter from last week which was very interesting.

I read about the case with Club Player. Costa Rica is flooded with RTG Casinos, which in my humble opinion I believe soon will be replaced by Micro, Playtech or some other stronger software...

I hate looking at bad reviews from Costa Rican operations, is just a shame having people not providing a reliable and honest service.. I hope a a comitted regulation authority establishes here pronto...

What happen is that there is a lot of people in this country willing to run a honest operation, but most of the times reliable costa rican gambling sites are infected with awful histories from other operations located in the country.. Reason why a lot of people might think that Costa Rica is full of unloyal and fraud companies. We do have some bad business going on here, but a little research will help the online gambler learn that we are home to some major operators as well.

The Club Dice incident surprises me, due to the following... I read a nice article, may be not an article, but an anouncement in the following link regarding Bet Royal

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For me it was good news... some one is taking Bet Royals business and fixing some management failures there... excelent..

What happens? 10 minutes later I come here and learn about the Club Player problem....

A little research with some dark sources of evil brought to my attention that Club Player, Cirrus and Bet Royal are part of the same familly...

So my point is, I hope this guy Chester really makes something good of that company... A statement at gambling911 that he is taking care of stuff now is not enough in order for Bet Royal to become a reliable site again.

I wish them the best and I really hope they start giving their operation a new direction.

So right now the meister has 2 sites on it's evil section which are basically the same.. one that has been there for years, the other one which was recently added,,,

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