Webmaster's Corner Update


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
ATTN: Webmasters, affiliates, and affiliate managers. The Webmaster's Corner has been rearranged some.

In the past, those affiliate programs that had an Accredited Casino listed here had been given their own private forum. Well since these were seldom used these have been closed. There was nothing but tumbleweeds rolling around in there. Sometimes I heard crickets.

Any recent threads have been moved to the "Affiliate Issues" forum, which is the former "Marketing" forum - just renamed.

The Webmaster's Corner is open for the Webmeister's and Webby user groups. If you are a member of these groups, please take advantage of the resources we have here and get involved. If you are not a member of one of these user groups and would like to be, please check out your "settings" and join via Permission Groups

To learn more about being a Webby or Webmeister, please refer to the FAQs

Thanks! :thumbsup: