Webmaster looking for casino to promote: preferrably RTG, multi-lingual, white label


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Nov 30, 2005

I have some knowledge in online casino business and i'd like to sart making money out of it. I have a domain on paid hosting professionally designed and
i' m looking for casino to promote. Here are my requirements:

1) trustful paying witout delay
2) preferrably running on RTG platform
3) multilingual - btw does RTG software has following languages: greek, hebrew, russian ?
4) if possible casino with white label support
5) obviously as high as possible commision
6) great if they have some promo like $1 download bonus without wagering requirements

Thanks in advance for your advises :)
Let me break it down to smaller questions.
What casino software platform supports currently following languages: greek, hebrew, russian ?
You can visit our site (sig below) and search for casinos by language supported. We don't have Hebrew and Russian listed at this time, but you can find plenty of Greek language sites. I don't recall seeing a site that offers Hebrew as an option. There are several Russian language sites however, the first that comes to mind is Goldfishka.ru
WannaKnow said:
4) if possible casino with white label support

I'd be very careful on that one. White label support can lead to all sorts of problems with unscrupulous operations and marketing tactics at play. And i'd also seriously consider not basing your decisions on commission structures, but more on how a casino treat their players. It's better for everyone that way - player, webmaster and the industry. Also, especially with RTG, research the casino thoroughly before you commit to representing it.

Just a couple of observations for what its worth :D


Yep very good advice. I would go further and take RTG out of the equation and not promote any RTG Casino period. But that is my personal preference.

If you are going to promote an RTG Casino though, do thorough research on the casinos you are interested in. Then do some more research. The last thing you want to do is send your traffic to a less than customer friendly casino.

However the few RTG Casinos listed on the CM Accredited List should be a good place to start

As far as RTG White Label goes, Earn United has a decent one that seems to be backed properly.

I don't think there is much language support though. You'd have to check yourself, I haven't paid attention to that.

Grand Virtual is great at multi language support and has lots of languages, perhaps your requested ones too. They have Grand Virtual software which is just starting to move into this century with some pretty nice slots games.

Other than these two, I have never heard good things about any white label.

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