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I won at Cowbow Casino and went through the withdrawl process to have it wired directly to my bank account. Now webdollar want me to send a copy of my credit card statements along with a copy of my drivers license to them before they do wire my money to me.
Has anyone had to do this ? Is webdollar a legit company?

Yes, Webdollar is a legit company. Unfortunately, they don't make this process apparent when
you are signing up and only during the cash out. This tedious and inconvenient method of
cashing out is only protecting the company against fraud. Most casinos lose 10-15% of their
profits due to customer fraud (someone stole my credit card!) and reversed charges.
Obviously, in time I'm sure there will be a better way for them to make payments, but for now
this is the way it is.

Thanks, I sent them the info they requested by fax, and then called them to verify they recieved it, they did and said I will be recieving my money within 4 days.
I won $3750.00 by playing the $5 slot machine at Cowboy Casino. I only had $125.00 of my money invested in it when I won.
Has anyone had any problems with Cowboy Casino ?
So far it seems like a very good online casino and I recommend ya'll look it up and play. The blackjack there seems "loose" for a lack of a better word, my brother won $400.00 playing blackjack.


Perry Walters
Yeah, the usual "photo ID" crap.....and probably photocopys of your credit cards.....been there, done that! Play at a casino that will send you a bank draft or a wire transfer without all that hassle!!
Bossmedia used to process first time cashouts without the photo id. I strongly disagree with this policy; I think there are other ways they can cut down on fraud without invading people's privacy.

Having said that, both Bossmedia and Webdollar are completely legitimate and are far more competant than Proc Cyber.

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